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World's Longest Road-Rail Dual Purpose Cable Stayed Bridge Opens


Chongqing- Chongqing, a new bridge across the Yangtze River, has joined the bridge capital’s landmark. On 24th January, the Baijusi Yangtze River Bridge is officially opened to traffic. Linking two districts of the city, with a total length of about 3.7 kilometers, it is a major project crossing the river. The bridge has a total length of 1384 meters and a span of 660 meters, making it the world’s largest span dual-layer steel truss cable-stayed bridge. The bridge’s upper deck is 38 meters wide, an 8-lane urban expressway, and the lower deck is 19.2 meters wide, which will hold the track for Chongqing’s Rail Transit Line 18.

The bridge is the world’s largest span dual-layer steel truss cable-stayed bridge (Photo provided to Chongqing)

The height of the two main towers of the Baijusi Yangtze River Bridge is 236 meters, equivalent to an 84-floors’ building, and is the highest bridge tower in the urban district of Chongqing. The total weight of the steel trusses of the whole bridge is about 44,300 tons, which exceeds the total steel consumption of the “Bird’s Nest” in Beijing and is equivalent to the steel consumption of 6.3 Eiffel Towers in Paris. Water droplets inspire the design of the bridge towers, painted in pure white and elegantly blended into the surrounding environment to integrate with nature. The vast bridge brings a sense of lightness and beauty instead of weight and oppression.

The bridge towers are inspired by water droplets (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Upon completion, the Baijusi Yangtze River Bridge will be of great significance to strengthen regional connectivity, drive economic development along the route, boost the construction of the Yangtze River Cultural and Art Bay Area, and effectively alleviate the congestion on the Inner Ring Expressway.

Residents came to visit the new bridge before the opening (iChongqing/ Xiaoyan Wang)

The day before opening, the bridge opened to citizens and media for walking tours. iChongqing reporters visited this fantastic bridge. On the bridge, locals came with their family and friends and took pictures of the bridge. They were happy to see the bridge connecting Jiangjin, Jiulongpo, Dadukou, and Banan district, which shortens the time to cross the Yangtze River by about 10 minutes.


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