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Enjoy A Big Field of Golden Rapeseed Flowers- Chongqing in Bloom

By SHIHAN YANG|Feb 24,2022

The Spring is coming! After a long and chilly winter, it's the best time for people to go out and enjoy the green and colorful Spring. The rapeseed flowers (also known as canola flowers) are golden and sweet, so relaxing, and people just love them! There are some areas with beautiful large scales of rapeseed flower fields in Chongqing, and Tongnan district is among the best.

Supported by related technologies, the season of rapeseed flowers in Tongnan District of Chongqing will last two months until about April 10, making this session last the longest time ever. As 15 sessions have been held, this festival has become a distinctive brand of rural leisure tourism well-known in China. In previous years, the season of rapeseed flowers in Tongnan began after the Spring Festival and lasted until the end of March. With the development of rural tourism in the district, prolonging the flower season has become the key to income increases of local farmers.

The sea of colorful rapeseed flowers in Tongnan District. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

To this end, the district has organized experts to conduct sci-tech research for innovative planting and cultivation methods. Thanks to their efforts, this year's flower season is expected to be 10 to 15 days longer than that of previous years. Surprisingly, colorful rapeseed flowers are in full bloom, white, red, purple, and pink.

"The scenic area has changed a lot since I came here for the festival several years ago. The scenery has become more charming, and there are more entertainment projects. The airship I took offered me both exciting experiences and different landscapes, so I decided to take an airship back to feel the high speed again," said Ms. Li excitedly, a local tourist.

Tourists are taking the airship to enjoy rapeseed flowers. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

The square outside the scenic area is also bustling. Foodies gathered to enjoy delicacies of various places and local snacks. In addition, all kinds of recreation facilities, including internet-famous bridges, internet-famous swings, mini trains, and bouncy castles, are popular with both adults and children.

A representative of the scenic area told iChongqing, "We have introduced new rapeseed flower varieties, with colors like red, white, and purple, presenting a colorful sea of flowers for tourists. More emphasis has been put on the participation and enjoyment of tourists as well as the ornamental value of the landscapes. We have added several new projects like airships above the sea of flowers and high-speed ropeways while retaining some regular ones, including mini trains, airships, motorboats, helicopters, and rapid slides." They added that the first weekend after the festival's opening would become the first travel peak to gather nearly ten thousand tourists in the scenic area.

The rapeseed flowers in Tongnan District. (Photo provided to iChongqing)


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