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We Strive to Connect Chongqing with the World | Raffles City Chongqing

By ZHAN CHEN|Mar 06,2022

Chongqing- To have a thriving consumption center in Chongqing, two key factors are needed – the city's influence and well-renowned projects, said Vincent Wong, Managing Director of Chongqing CapitaLand Development (China). 

He saw that Chongqing is an attractive city with its magnificent landscape. Even more, it can build an international consumption destination at a high level because of its economic potential. 

Raffles City Chongqing

Located at the confluence of Yangtze and Jialing rivers, Raffles City Chongqing is a suite of eight buildings developed by Singapore real estate developer CapitaLand, with its integrated developments' portfolio.

As becoming a new landmark of Chongqing, Vincent saw that Raffles City is like a "mini-city" that includes a rich and diverse range of asset types for tourists and locals. "People can enjoy a most fulfilling and international lifestyle all in one convenient destination," he said. 

Raffles City (Huang Ruicheng)

Vincent Wong, Managing Director of Chongqing CapitaLand Development (China). (iChongqing/ Wang Xiaoyan)

First and foremost, the distinctive architecture of Raffles City Chongqing, recalling sailing ships on the river, is an important symbol of the city's noble maritime past. 

"It looks like a Chinese sailing ship, bringing Chongqing forward even in the storm," said Vincent. 

For constructing shopping malls, the team is committed to bringing in international and local brands, new-to-market brands, flagships, or new concepts, to keep a novel and fresh experience for shoppers. 

"When we first opened in 2019, 40% of our stores are first-in-the-city or region, flagship or new concept stores," he continued. "Since then, this goal has never changed, and we have constantly been updating our trade mix."

Compared with traditional shopping malls, Raffles City Chongqing brings a host of surprises to the public.

For example, the design of The Crystal draws attention to the highest levels of the project. As the world-renowned crowning glory, The Crystal is an enclosed sky bridge nestled above four 250-meter tall skyscrapers and linked to two adjacent skyscrapers by cantilevered bridges.

"We also call it the world's first 'horizontal skyscraper,' re-innovating the urban skyline for Chongqing, and likely the world," he added. 

The view of the observation deck of Raffles City Chongqing. (Photo/ Raffles City Chongqing)

International consumption center

Chongqing has a lot of potentials, not least in terms of economy, said Vincent. 

"That's why we are here," he continued. "And we are also confident that the government gives the business policies will help us do well in Chongqing."

He indicated that the integrated development for Raffles City Chongqing is important, and CapitaLand will continue to build an international consumption destination at a high level in the future. 

In his view, the city's influence is the base to build a consumption destination. 

"First, the city itself must be attractive enough," he said. "And everybody knows that Chongqing is a beautiful city."

Because of the scattered tall buildings, Chongqing is a three-dimensional city rarely seen in China. It also has an open environment to welcome people from all over the world.

Besides the unique landscape, Chongqing also plays a significant role in the national strategy. "Chongqing is a crucial node in the Belt and Road Initiative and also the Yangtze River Economic Belt," Vincent added. 


A time-lapse image was taken of the Yuzhong Peninsula from across the river. (iChongqing file photo)

On the other hand, incorporating some interesting, quality, and well-renowned projects is another key factor to consumption. That's why Vincent and his team brought Raffles City into Chongqing. 

The shopping mall provides international quality services and accessible transportation so that people from all walks of life are willing to gather here to live, work, and play.

"With our business acumen and global vision, we believe that Raffles City Chongqing will continue to attract more attention from around the world," he said. 

In the future, Vincent showed his hope to bring more industrial parks and other new economic projects to Chongqing. "As we strive to connect Chongqing with the world as well as the transformation of Chongqing's industries and consumption patterns," he said. 


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