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Springtime in Chongqing: Mountain City Becomes Flower City


Chongqing- Winter is over in Chongqing, and the story of springtime has begun.

James from the UK has many foreign friends who are fascinated by this city in Southwest China. Last year, they found the springtime monorail passing through the sea of blossom an amazing sight. So once spring arrived this year, they pressed James to update his newsfeed.

Chongqing is a city of 34 million people and welcomes 64 million tourists each year. In the past, James didn’t quite know how there were so many visitors despite the fact the city wasn’t that heavily promoted.

Later, he realized these stunning romantic scenes are just part of everyday life for Chongqing people. Whether it be apartment blocks, monorails, bridges, everything here can be built upon the mountainsides, and now the hard-working people have turned the mountain city into a city of blossoming flowers.

There have been more beautiful additions over the past year. The monorail system takes people to ever more places, the Mountain City Walkway offers relaxing strolls, and more than 2000 parks are scattered across the city. So it makes sense that Chongqing people tell the story of springtime through blossom.

Eyes behold from their unique perspective. This applies no less to Chongqing. Everyone may love Chongqing for their own reasons, but they all share a deep fondness for springtime vitality in this city of blossom.


New Era, New Journey, New Chongqing

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