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Top Architects Share Stories on Cultural Heritage, Architectural Designs

By SHIHAN YANG|Apr 20,2022

Chongqing- Three top architects worldwide recently shared interesting stories on ingenious connections and fusion between cultural heritage and architectural designs in downtown Chongqing.

With the theme of "Architectural Design and Culture," the event was a feast of architectural inspiration for attendees. Niccolo Chongqing held the first Niccolo Lectures in 2022. 

Guest sharing session (Photo provided to iChongqing)

The experts included Mr. Keisuke Hirata, chief architect of Kisho Kurokawa in Japan, Mr. Liu Kai, a member of the Architectural Society of China, and Ms. Susana Liu Jiang, a registered architect in Spain. At the event, they shared information about interesting stories and challenges they face in their work and provided refreshing takes on the professional interpretation of design concepts.

Mr. Keisuke Hirata talked about the influence of urban culture on architectural design and explored the harmonious co-existence between nature and humans throughout history. During his speech, he mentioned a hot spring hotel project in Vietnam built with wood and stones sourced from the local area. Boulders that had fallen nearby were transported and installed in the courtyard of the hot spring. They formed a connection with the pristine mountains at the back of the hotel and strengthened the bond between the building and the local environment.

Mr. Keisuke Hirata, the chief architect of Kisho Kurokawa in Japan, was analyzing the design concept of Hongyadong. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Ms. Susana Liu Jiang compared two kinds of structures that famed Spanish architects Antonio Gaudi and Felix Candela were known for. She analyzed the Egongyan Bridge and Wanzhou Yangtze River Bridge in Chongqing, highlighting these structures' unique structural beauty.

Mr. Liu Kai looked at architectural concepts from a philosophical perspective. He suggested that architectural designs should follow the R (Respectful), I (Inclusive), F(Forward-looking), and I (Intriguing) principles. He believes that good architectural design respects local customs, the environment, and history and is both practical and aesthetically pleasing. At the same time, the innovation of architectural style and building materials in different usage scenarios are also particularly important. This gives a more vivid and three-dimensional interpretation of architecture and affords guests a new understanding of the design.

The audience asked questions during the on-site interaction session. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

The event ended with a guest discussion session. When assessing the hotel in which they were speaking, Ms. Susana Liu Jiang said: "The hotel has put a lot of care and effort into design and art. The attention to building materials and to the details and quality of the interiors is very impressive. In addition, the hotel has handled the corner rooms very well with double-sided floor-to-ceiling windows, which are very unique." Mr. Keisuke Hirata added that: "Niccolo has placed a lot of art pieces in different parts of the hotel. I really like this idea of spending quality time with the artwork." And Mr. Liu Kai spoke highly of Niccolo Chongqing’s superior geographical location, excellent design style, and trendy artistic atmosphere.

"In the future, the hotel will continue to host different kinds of Niccolo Lectures," said Mr. Giorgio Olivotti, general manager of Niccolo Chongqing. "We sincerely invite adventurers from all walks of life to come and share their life stories. We hope that, through these activities, we can bring more inspiration to everyone about travel, culture, and art."

True to the Niccolo brand’s mantra of "New Encounters" and spirit of discovery, Niccolo hotels present a series of fascinating and diverse dinner talks called Niccolo Lectures. These private events give the floor to adventurers, entrepreneurs, lifestyle and business innovators, celebrities, and sports stars to share their unique insights and remarkable life journeys.


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