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There Is a Heaven in Everyone's Heart


Chongqing - There is a heaven in everyone's heart, and the Dazu Rock Carvings can satisfy people's infinite and introspective reverie. It is magnificent yet exquisite, and it tells stories about the past and present while teaching the Buddhist classics. It depicts the beautiful Buddhist land and presents tales of people practicing Buddhism.

In the land of Buddhism, instruments can produce beautiful music without being played. The smallest Buddha statue sitting on a lotus throne is only 2.5 cm tall. The rock carving Illustration of the Amitāyurdhyāna Sūtra at the Beishan site amazes the world. The mural Illustration of the Amitāyurdhyāna Sūtra in the Mogao Grottoes in Dunhuang is famous worldwide, but the carving works of the same theme in Dazu Beishan Mountain are more. Pure land is the most prominent scene, displaying a wonderful "pure land," a "land of bliss." Sixteen Visualisations are carved on the two sides of the niche, showing the ways to the pure land. It tells the story of Prince Ajātaśatru imprisoning his parents. The donor wanted to express his aspiration for pure land by having the carving made. The niche has over 560 statues. The carved pavilions are hailed as a "priceless epitome of buildings in the Tang dynasty." It allows people to enjoy carving art, buildings, clothes, and tools from the Tang dynasty.


New Era, New Journey, New Chongqing

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