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Sunset Walking On Chongqing Cliff Trail And Bali Beach | Live Replay

By Eiko Cheng|Apr 30,2022

Chongqing- Did you know that Chongqing, the megacity in southwestern China, has planned to build 60 walking trails in the central areas to improve the living environment for people in recent years? As this mega city renewal strategy is being implemented, the rich cultural and tourism resources will be wrapped up in the pedestrian system and benefit locals and tourists. Chongqing Mountain Cliff Trail,  a demonstration project of the trail plan, was a mind-blowing example for the oversea audience in the iChongqing's live stream show Walking Tour In The Top 1 Places of Chongqing And Bali on April 28.

Built between Yuzhong District and Shapingba District, this trail construction retains the existing trees and mountains and does not carry out extensive excavation.  The floating trail section, the primary forests, and the zigging steps built on the mountainous landscape of this city gained a lot of positive comments from the audience.

In this episode, Eiko from iChongqing invited Carl Zha, a Twitter influencer born in Chongqing and who has lived in Indonesia for three years, to join the show from Seminyak, a fantastic place in Bali, famous for its beach, resorts, surfing, and sunset. Carl presented the stunning sunset view on Bali Island and his memory of living in Chongqing and China.  When Eiko talked with a lady who has been living in this place for 64 years about how this cliff trail project improved the surrounding areas living quality, Carl shared his insight on how the Bali government promotes the tourism industry on this beach to help the locals get a better life. In addition, Carl spotted a WWII-period bomb shelter beside the trail and shared the stories behind and transformation of these historical sites in Chongqing. It was a meaningful moment because this 29 kilometers long trail will soon connect five parks, over 30 cultural spots, and over ten observation decks within its range, including Liziba Park, a WWII historical park in Chongqing. 

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