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Planning Exhibition Gallery Opens to Show Real Chongqing


After two years of meticulous construction, the Chongqing Planning Exhibition Gallery, located on Nanbin Road, Nanan District, Chongqing, opened for free on April 25. The gallery shows visitors Chongqing’s past, present, and future in stereoscopic glory.

Visitors stand in front of the exhibition screen at the Chongqing Planning Exhibition Gallery. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

To ensure strict epidemic prevention and control, the gallery will implement a time-phased reservation system with a visitor limit of 1,200 people per day. Visitors will be equally arranged for different visiting periods.

From April 25, visitors can make reservations through the official WeChat account of the Chongqing Planning Exhibition Gallery and other channels. 

Building design

The gallery, which was originally located in Chaotianmen, in Yuzhong District, was relocated to Danzishi in Nanan District, which is across the river from the original site. Despite the relocation, the Gallery remains a landmark that boasts the most imposing city scenery at the intersection of the Jialing River and Yangtze River.

With its new look and profound heritage, the gallery serves as Chongqing’s “scenic city reception room, historic cultural focus, and place for public engagement,” helping publicize the city and enhance its appeal.

The gallery is reconstructed from the existing buildings of Danzishi Square and sticks to the concept of green, eco-friendly, low-carbon, and intelligent construction.

The building was designed by the team led by Academician Cui Kai of China Architecture Design & Research Group. In the shape of Chinese characters “Qi,” which means “up,” and “Hu,” which means “connection,” the building is designed to express Chongqing’s intention to “rise up” and its determination to realize the internet intelligence, internationalization.

The building harmoniously integrates into the city landscape of the core area of “Two Rivers and Four Riversides”. It becomes another city landmark after Chaotianmen Square and Chongqing Grand Theatre on the opposite bank.

Display Chongqing’s great changes

After entering the gallery gate, the first thing that catches visitors’ eyes is the giant spherical screen “Eye of Chongqing” in the modern lobby. Through the “Eye of Chongqing,” visitors can see the connection between Chongqing and the world. The upper and lower long screens on one side tell the story of Chongqing’s changes over the past century.

Residents get to know about the development of Chongqing on the screens. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

In such a city planning exhibition gallery, the sand table is an essential part. At the main model of the city view, visitors can have a panoramic view of the 28,700-square-meter of Chongqing city on the sand table at a scale of 1:7000. Visitors can feast their eyes on a unique “city show” that is based on such technologies as global images, 5G remote transmission, and 8K ultra-high-definition images.

In addition, visitors can also get to know Chongqing’s city characters. Standing on the historical panorama cinema bridge, visitors can understand Chongqing’s historical development and major historical events through the three-dimensional images and videos and immersive interactive experience on the “six-sided screen.”

Undoubtedly, the best way to get to know a city is to experience its local life, so the designers have specially created a Chongqing-style atrium.

The atrium adopts Chongqing’s unique stilted building with column and tie structure as its architectural form, incorporates local elements, and reproduces Chongqing’s unique three-dimensional space. Through the windows with warm lights inside, visitors can indulge themselves in the city ambiance of Chongqing.

Visitors take pictures with headbands that say “Look Chongqing.” (Photo provided to iChongqing)



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