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New Covid-19 Infections Reported in Chongqing on May 12


Chongqing- Chongqing reported two new confirmed cases and one asymptomatic infection on Thursday, and they were close contacts of infected people outside Chongqing, according to the Chongqing Municipal Health Commission.

As of May 12, there are eight local confirmed cases (five in Pengshui County, one in Jiulongpo District, one in Nan’an District, and one in Banan District), and four local asymptomatic infections. (one in Pengshui County, one in Kaizhou District, one in Jiangbei District, and one in Yubei District) in Chongqing.

The municipal government held a press conference on May 12 to introduce the details.

Status quo

Li Pan, deputy director of the Chongqing Municipal Health Commission, reported that on May 10, one case of asymptomatic infection was found among the centralized isolation personnel in Jiangbei District. The case was in close contact with an asymptomatic infection outside the city. Nan’an District and Banan District found one confirmed case of mild COVID-19 among the centralized isolation personnel; Yubei District also found one asymptomatic infection among the centralized isolation personnel.

Li said that since May, China’s overall epidemic prevention and control situation has stabilized, but multiple sporadic and local clustered epidemics coexist. Recently, a cluster of outbreaks has occurred in the adjacent areas of Chongqing. Since May 9, Chongqing has received letters of assistance from adjacent regions. Chongqing has organized epidemiological investigation work as soon as possible and implemented quarantine and control measures for contacts with infections outside Chongqing.

Li said that Chongqing adheres to a “dynamic clearing” policy and takes precise measures to handle emergency responses effectively.

After the epidemic outbreak, Chongqing quickly conducted an epidemiological investigation and effectively blocked the transmission chain. As of 13:00 on May 12, 179 people and 821 people were found to be close contacts in Chongqing, and all control measures have been implemented.

At present, Chongqing has carried out multiple rounds of nucleic acid tests on 1,310 people in close and sub-close contacts in Chongqing, and 1,227 people have received results. Except for the confirmed cases and asymptomatic infections announced, the rest of the results are negative. 516 relevant environmental samples were collected, 443 of which were negative, and the remaining results are pending.

According to the epidemiological investigation, from May 9 to 11th, 157,500 people were tested, and the results were all negative.

Power up medical services

Since May 9, Chongqing has added 172 nucleic acid sampling sites in the central urban area, increased the number of 24-hour nucleic acid testing sites to 40, and extended the service time of nucleic acid tests to meet the daily nucleic acid test needs of residents.

At present, there are clusters of cases of epidemics in Chongqing’s adjacent areas. The city’s residents have close contact with residents of other cities, so the risk of epidemic importation is high. The general public should remain vigilant, further enhance their protection awareness, and strengthen self-health monitoring.

Citizens and foreigners in Chongqing, when taking public transportation such as high-speed rail, airplane, bus, taxi, or rail transit, should wear masks during the whole process. Maintain hand hygiene, reduce contact with public goods and parts, do not touch the mouth, eyes, and nose with unclean hands, minimize the time and frequency of meals on public transport, and properly keep travel-related information vouchers.


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