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Science City Lake Scenery Back after Ecological Restoration


Chongqing- A year ago, Fengming Lake was overgrown with weeds, and the lake was covered with turbid green algae. Now, the beautiful scenery of Fengming Lake has begun to appear.

The construction site of Fengming Lake ecological restoration project on May 10. (Photo/ Chongqing Hi-Tech Zone)

After days of work, Fengming Lake is expected to be opened to the public by the end of May. The AI park in Western (Chongqing) Science City is reflected on the lake in the distance. With the gentle breeze, the lake is full of vitality everywhere.

Workers were working on the platform besides Fengming Lake. (Photo/ Chongqing Hi-Tech Zone)

Ecological restoration

According to the Chongqing High-tech Development and Construction Investment Group Co., Ltd., the science city is increasing its ecological restoration, and many environmental restoration projects have shown results.

Among them, the ecological restoration project of Fengming Lake carries out ecological restoration and landscape improvement in and around the lake area.

Workers were finishing the work by the side of Fengming Lake. (Photo/ Chongqing Hi-Tech Zone)

The Fengming Lake ecological restoration project includes the construction of a rainwater purification system and the construction of a water ecosystem. This includes a plant community, aquatic animal community, and microbial community construction below the normal water level of 320 meters.

The project adopts the technology of “algae-eating insect-guided underwater ecological restoration,” which takes an “algophagous insect” as the pioneer species. Its phagocytosis effect can effectively reduce and control algae decaying debris and fungi in water and improve the transparency of the water body.

By adjusting and improving all kinds of water organisms, the construction of the symbiotic ecological self-purification system combined with algae-eating insects, underwater forests,  aquatic animals, and microorganisms enhances its absorption of nutrients. It changes the circulation mode of nitrogen and phosphorus nutrients in the water.

This technology improves the self-purification ability of the water ecosystem of the lake area to various pollutants, significantly enhances the project’s water quality, and forms a sustainable water ecosystem.

An overview of Fengming Lake (Photo/ Chongqing Hi-Tech Zone)

Leisure facilities

In accordance with the lakeside slope terrain, the project also builds a series of leisure facilities, including slow-moving systems, hydrophilic platforms, and hydrophilic footpaths to meet citizens’ leisure and entertainment needs, such as sightseeing, photography, hydrophilicity, and parent-children.

According to the project organizer, after the restoration, Fengming Lake will cover an area of 42,000 square meters, with a depth of up to 4 meters and daily water transparency of 3.0 meters. 

In addition to total nitrogen, the indexes of dissolved oxygen, ammonia nitrogen, total phosphorus, and permanganate at the overflow outlet of the lake will meet the national surface water class III standard. Class III is mainly applicable to the secondary protection area of centralized domestic drinking water source, general fish protection area, and swimming area.

After its completion, Fengming Lake will become a landmark in the core area of the science city.

(Wang Lu, as an intern, also contributed to this report.)


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