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Picturesque Landscapes for a Leisurely Summer in Chongqing

By XINYI LI|May 15,2022

Where can you camp, pick up fruits, or have some leisure summer days in Chongqing?

Yongchuan: Picking fruits

Yongchuan provides people with a cool and carefree summer. They can enjoy either a period of secluded mountain life or earthly pleasures here. Yongchuan harbors both ancient towns with a thorough cultural background and scenic rural areas.

Chashan Zhuhai (Tea Mountain and Bamboo Forest) is a must-visit, where tourists can sip a cup of Yongchuan Xiuya Tea. Want to have a nice sleep? Jinpenhu Villa Resort and Mudange B&B in the scenic area are worth trying. Or, people aspiring to enjoy the marvelous Milky Way can camp in the bamboo forest.

The Locajoy Theme Park in Yongchuan (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Huanggua Mountain Rural Tourism Area is attractive for the blooming flowers and juicy summer fruits, including selenium-rich pears sprawling for 40 square kilometers, blueberries hanging from branches, crystal grapes, sweet waxberries, and nutritious kiwifruit.

Now, it's the right time to appreciate full-blown lotus and pluck lotus roots in Shili Hexiang Scenic Area. When night falls, tired visitors can check-in at Liyuan B&B or Cliffside Log Cabins in Colorful Blueberry Garden for a refreshing rest.

Locajoy holds themed water gun fights, twilight parades, nighttime events, and other programs every summer.

Songgai Ancient Town unveils its thousands of years of history to visitors, telling them stories happening long ago. Tourists can saunter in Shisun Mountain Scenic Area, overlooking the emerald green Peacock Lake, and pluck red-heart kiwifruits. Wujian Town Watermelon Base offers sweet selenium-rich watermelons; the landscape on Taohua Island of Shengshui Lake is breathtaking, and the peaches are crispy.

Tongliang: interesting camping sites

As the temperature rises, people throng to Huangjiaba Camping Site in Tongliang. The Site comprises RV Campground, Camping Site, the Children's Sandpit, and other functional zones. Fishing and BBQ enrich holidays; cabins, RVs, and camps romanticize summer nights.

Camps and full-fledged and comfortable supporting facilities make Guihua Xianzi Plaza in Sweet Osmanthus Base near Hedong Village Reception Hall a suitable place for gatherings.

Tongliang District (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Jiaze Farm is a complex integrating green agriculture, sightseeing, healthcare, entertainment, and hot springs. It has been awarded National Leisure Agriculture and Rural Tourism Demonstration Site. Camping is also allowed here.

Early summer is the best time to pick up blueberries with family and friends at Huangjuemen Colorful Dream Camping Site.

Wulong: Azaleas bloom in Dadonghe Township

Zhaoyun Mountain in Dadonghe Township welcomes the most beautiful period of the year — azaleas spreading out everywhere on the mountain are in full bloom. Leaving aside common azaleas in red, pink, and white, Zhaoyun Mountain is home to those in purple.

Wulong District (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Dadonghe Township has amazing Dadonghe Canyon, grand Jiwei Mountain Landslide Site, elegant Muyang Valley, towering Dafo Rock, and verdant and vast Daliangzi Forest.

Qianjiang: To Adventure in canyons

Qianjiang features a special urban landscape only in Asia and rare globally — "a city on canyons with canyons running through its center." With gauzy clouds in the air, cliffs standing beside, and green rivers flowing through, Qianjiang City Grand Canyon is exceptionally appealing.

Qianjiang District (Photo provided to iChongqing)

The crystal clear Apeng River in Shenguixia Scenic Spot weaves through mountains like a dragon, creating strange but beautiful scenery. River water mirrors the sheer cliffs facing each other. The canyon reverberates with the crying of gibbons and birds.

Stalactites are in diverse shapes. The canyon has few visitors because of the challenging environment, leaving it with a primitive look. Shenguixia Scenic Spot has become tourists' first choice to spend an adventurous summer.


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