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Chongqing Central Urban Area to Build Green Transportation System


Chongqing- Recently, the 3103 alley bus was officially released into the Tongyuanju area of Nan’an District, Chongqing Municipality, Southwest China. It solved transportation gaps in the region and achieved zero-distance transfer with the rail system. 

This mirrors Chongqing’s efforts to promote the road network and parking management in the central urban area. In recent years, relevant departments have focused on the prominent traffic congestion problems and difficulties in traveling and parking, implementing measures to ease traffic congestion in central urban areas. Improving the green transportation system with the combination of rail, bus, and walking, is one of the significant initiatives.

Liziba light rail station

Liziba monorail station in Chongqing. (iChongqing/ Chen Zhan)

Walking convenience of 15 rail stations

In recent years, Chongqing has been making every effort to build a metropolitan area on the rails, speeding up the construction of the rail network and transit-oriented development (TOD). With the acceleration of rail construction, improving the walking convenience of rail stations in the central urban area is urgent.

According to the plan, Chongqing plans to spend three years transforming, optimizing, and improving the walking system around 60 rail stations according to local conditions starting from 2021, considering peoples’ travel needs, current landform, and surrounding natural landscapes, as well as other factors.  

Bus lines’ optimization not less than 40

The bus is an indispensable part of public travel, but how to realize zero-distance transfer and travel more conveniently becomes a critical issue. Chongqing’s central urban area will improve the bus system and optimize the bus network by shortening long-distance lines, reducing duplicate lines with the subway, and other initiatives. 

“In 2022, no less than 40 bus routes will be optimized and adjusted in the central urban area, and no less than five new alley bus lines will be opened,” said a Chongqing Municipal Transportation Bureau representative. The convenience of citizens’ travel is continuously improved by strengthening the integrated connection of bus and rail.

Green transportation system

Statistics of Chongqing’s green transportation system. (iChongqing/ Chen Zhan)

In addition, the Chongqing Municipal Transportation Bureau will also improve the layout of bus stations. The layout planning of old city reconstruction and road network renewal will fully consider the public transport travel needs of surrounding residents and highlight the appropriate setting of bus stops. 

353 kilometers of mountain city trails

Non-motorized transportation, such as walking and cycling, is a key component of green travel and green transportation. To build a people-oriented, distinctive, cultural heritage, comfortable, and convenient, high-quality walking system, the Chongqing Housing and Urban-Rural Construction Committee plans to create urban experience scenic trails, landscaped recreation, and leisure trails, nostalgic memory and cultural trails, green life convenience trails, relying on the landscape characteristics.

This year, 17 mountain city trails covering 353 kilometers will be completed, and five new mountain city trails of about 60 kilometers will be started.

For vulnerable populations, the central urban area will build 17 cross-street facilities this year, coupled with the barrier-free facilities construction, from vertical elevators and escalators to pedestrian ramps, to facilitate their travel further. 

(Wang Lu, as an intern, also contributed to this report.)


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