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Zhengzhou-Chongqing High-speed Railway to be Fully Operational on June 20

By ZHAN CHEN|Jun 19,2022

Chongqing- The Xianyang east to Wanzhou north section of the Zhengzhou-Chongqing High-speed Railway will be opened on June 20, according to the China State Railway Group Co., Ltd. (China Railway) Saturday, as a mark of another fast passenger channel from southwestern China to achieve full operation.

Through the Zhengzhou-Chongqing High-speed Railway, Beijing, Zhengzhou to Chongqing can be reached as soon as 6 hours and 46 minutes, 4 hours and 23 minutes, respectively. The Central Plains Urban Agglomeration and the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle will be more closely linked.

Zhengzhou-Chongqing High-speed Railway

Zhengzhou-Chongqing High-speed Railway. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

The Zhengzhou-Chongqing High-speed Railway that connects Zhengzhou of Henan province in central China and Southwest China's Chongqing municipality is 1,068 kilometers long, passing through Henan, Hubei, and Chongqing.

Among them, the Chongqing North to Wanzhou North section was opened on November 28, 2016, according to the standard upper speed of 250 km/h design and the normalization of 210 km/h standard operation. After the implementation of the construction project of the safety standard demonstration line, it is planned to run through the whole railway line at a standard of 250km/h regularly. The Zhengzhou east to Xiangyang east section was opened on December 1, 2019, with a standard upper speed of 350 km/h design and an average of 310 km/h standard operation.

The current operation of the Xiangyang east to Wanzhou north section is 434 kilometers long, according to the standard upper speed of 350 km/h design and the normalization of 310 km/h standard operation. It passes through Xiangyang city, Jingmen City, Yichang City, Enshi Tujia, and Miao Autonomous Prefecture in Hubei Province, Wushan County, Fengjie County, Yunyang County, and Wanzhou District in Chongqing Municipality, with ten stations in Xiangyang east, Nanzhang, Baokang County, Shennongjia, Xingshan, Badong, Wushan, Fengjie, Yunyang, and Wanzhou north. 

Located in the western Hubei and eastern Chongqing, the Xiangyang-Wanzhou section crosses many mountains and rivers. It passes through the Shennongjia primitive forest area and numerous nature reserves, with high mountains and deep valleys along the line. With the complex and varied terrain, the bridge-tunnel ratio of the line is as high as 98%. Geological disasters such as Karst and landslides frequently occur, with a high level of environmental protection and water conservation. 

Zhengzhou-Chongqing High-speed Railway

The Zhengzhou-Chongqing High-speed Railway passes through the Shennongjia forest area, Hubei Province. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Since the construction started in December 2015, the China Railway has organized the participating units to overcome various difficulties and promote the construction with high quality and efficiency. The whole line has built 91 new bridges and 57 tunnels and erected a number of extra-large bridges and long tunnels, ensuring that the project was completed on schedule. 

Before the project was put into operation, the China Railway organized the related departments to strictly follow the regulations and standards to conduct the testing, inspection acceptance, and safety assessment of the professional equipment of the Xiangyang-Wanzhou section and made comprehensive optimization and adjustment of the tracking status, arch network performance, train control, and communication signal system. Currently, the project fully meets a high-speed railroad's safe and stable operation requirements and is ready for operation. 

After opening the Zhengzhou-Chongqing High-speed Railway whole line, the railroad department will arrange the train operation according to the daily line, weekend line, and peak line. The Xiangyang-Wanzhou section has a maximum of 106 trains in a single day. Beijing, Tianjin, Taiyuan, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, and many other places will run direct trains to Chongqing. 

Zhengzhou-Chongqing High-speed Railway

Zhengzhou-Chongqing High-speed Railway. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

As an essential part of China's "eight vertical and eight horizontal" high-speed railway network, the Zhengzhou-Chongqing High-speed Railway will become the major passenger expressway of southwest China, connecting many famous tourist attractions. The opening of this high-speed railway will further improve the railroad network in central and southwest China, greatly facilitate people's travel along the line, and promote tourism resources and industry. It will promote the regional logistics development, as a great significance to the development of the Central Plains Urban Agglomeration and the Chengdu-Chongqing Economic Circle. 

Now the railroad department has issued tickets for the Zhengzhou-Chongqing High-speed Railway. For the specific train, time, and other information, passengers can check the China Railway Wechat and 12306 China Railway website, WeChat, and application (APP). 


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