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Hongguang Village, Getting Rid of Poverty Through Sturgeon Breeding


Hongguang Village, Dahe Township, is nearly an hour from Wuxi County, Chongqing City, southwest China. It has beautiful natural scenery and excellent river water quality, which is suitable for the development of fish farming. Therefore the village integrated land resources and established a breeding professional cooperative, and developed sturgeon-based breeding projects to increase farmers’ income.

Hongguang Village invested 1.5 million yuan to build 32 standardized fish ponds to develop sturgeon aquaculture. The water is directly introduced from the Daning river to raise fish with flowing water, which is more suitable for the growth of freshwater fish. The village specially invited professional sturgeon breeding personnel, and with their help, the high quality product makes it sell better. The roe can be sold for 1,000 yuan per 500 grams, and the fish meat is 70 yuan per 500 grams. In 2019, the output value reached 2 million yuan, and 62 participating farmers earned 4,200 yuan per share.

Relying on the beautiful scenery of the river bank and aquaculture, Hongguang Village has also built a tourist reception center of nearly 900 square meters, which can receive more than 100 tourists simultaneously. The center has received nearly 20,000 tourists and achieved a total turnover of nearly 1 million yuan, helping poor households to work nearby and get rid of poverty, and become rich.


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