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Chongqing- Located in Changba Town, Wulong District, Chongqing City, a bridge named Shuangbao Bridge is being built, and it plays a vital role in the Chongqing-Changsha Expressway.

The expressway is 285 kilometers long in the Chongqing region, costing over 64 billion yuan. Starting in 2020, it is estimated to be completed in 4-6 years.

The span of the cable bridge is 245.52 meters, and the total width of the bridge deck is 4.3 meters. Four sets of thick steel cables support the two sides, and many fine steel cables support the bottom of the bridge deck.

Behind the expressway bridge, there’s a temporary construction bridge, which is more fascinating.

The maximum load-bearing capacity can reach 40 to 50 tons, where cement trucks and big dump trucks can easily go through it. Serving as an integral part of bringing mechanical equipment and cement, crossing this cableway bridge will save a mixing station and a steel bar processing plant for the project and significantly reduce the impact on vegetation. 

This iron chain construction bridge has no official name, which solves the transportation of construction materials and personnel passage of the Shuangbao Bridge and connects the No. 9 and No. 8 piers.

For now, the iron chain bridge is only used for bridge construction. Since the bridge is restricted, visitors and the vehicles outside are not allowed to cross the bridge.  

After construction, the bridge will be used to develop local tourism and other projects. In addition to viewing its visual shock from every direction, tourists can also experience the thrill and excitement it brought at that time.  


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