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Italian Designers Conduct Cultural Exchange With Chinese Society


The Chongqing International Expo Center was flooded with creative design ideas and wonderful visualizations from Italian designers as they attended “Italian Design for a Better Life,” a subforum of the China Manufacturing Design Conference.

In place of conveying professional concepts, the Italian design experts demonstrated their confidence in their mother culture through a feast of cultural exchange.

Anna Gai, General Manager of Eastant Communication & Events, a Shanghai subsidiary of D’Andrea & Partners Consulting (DP Group), began with the history of Italian art design, mentioning the design gene in the root of the Apennine Peninsula that nurtured the great art revolution, Renaissance.

“Great designs all begin with great stories,” she said.

Contemporary Italian designers are increasingly favoring a new story about sustainable development and green economy, and contributing their design concepts to such a course, said Anna Gai. (iChongqing/Kenny Dong)

Francesco Fioretto, Director of Education at Istituto Marangoni Shanghai, visited Chongqing for the first time. He compared the cultural blending with the merging of two rivers in Chongqing. Many students in Mrangoni are interested in combining Chinese and western cultures, including Chinese students.

Aside from multiculturalism, the school applies trendy technology to its daily curriculum. This project illustrates the stage and social space of the metaverse, which was developed for students. According to the school, it is an innovative method for engaging “Generation Z,” who spends much time in the virtual world, sometimes not in a healthy way. Students might be able to spend more time studying if they create a utopia through art. This September, a master’s program in Digital Design for Immersive Experiences will be offered at the school as a specialization in creating metaverses.

There are different regions with notable buildings in Istituto Marangoni Metaverse. Registered visitors can go through all places with a photorealistic avatar. Some spaces can even be used to host conferences, lectures, and talks. (iChongqing/Kenny Dong)

The Italian government is actively promoting its design industry in China through this forum. Italian Design Icon (IDI) is the largest event for Italian design, functioning as a designer’s product exhibition set in Shanghai that has been held for six consecutive years, and an annual cultural event, Italian Design Day, was launched in 2017 in Chengdu and Chongqing. Both activities gather renowned Italian brands and industry experts, and both are supported by Italy’s national departments, including its consulates, Embassy, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and Ministry of Culture.  


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