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Intelligent 5G Platform Helps Respond to Peak Electricity Consumption


Chongqing-For monitoring the power consumption of equipment in the electricity unit and remotely controlling each electrical equipment in Chongqing, a load clustering intelligent interactive platform based on 5G technology was developed in response to peak electricity consumption and large power loads in summer.

The platform was designed by China Telecom Corporation Limited Chongqing Branch of State Grid Chongqing Electric Power Company.

So far, the construction of the municipal load clustering intelligent interactive platform has been completed. In the six districts of Chongqing central city, 34 dedicated 5G slice-based bearer networks and load control points have been opened, improving the power supply capacity for about 90,000 households. 

Ahead of the national average, Chongqing has achieved a 100% arrival rate of 5G networks in towns and villages, with more than 16 5G base stations per 10,000 people, ranking first in the western region and sixth in China.


5G quantum empowering electricity. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

5G real-time monitoring of cold chain logistics

In the 5G era, the intelligence of hardware and the maturity of the Internet of Vehicles (loV) have enabled real-time monitoring of cold chain logistics.

The market supervision and cold chain logistics system project created by China Broadcasting Chongqing Network Co., Ltd. is a typical case. Using multiple protocols, the company can access real-time data on refrigerated trucks, cold storage, production workshops, and sales stores, bringing 5G’s technical advantages to every detail.

With this system, the entire food storage and transportation process can be monitored online, as well as the temperature and humidity of the goods in the warehouse and during transportation.

An early warning message will be sent, and a report will be generated once changes in temperature and humidity render the food storage or transport unsuitable. Consumers can scan the code to trace the source for information about food storage, transportation, and other links, providing an alternative way for them to eat safely.


The staff introduced the 5G smart city of the Guoyuan Port Free Trade Zone. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

5G smart city

If there is water accumulation in the underground passage, the system will automatically sound an alarm. Adjusting the brightness of street lights can be done remotely with a mobile phone, and security patrols do not need people but instead use AI algorithms and 5G cameras. This is what a 5G smart city looks like.

These smart city application scenarios are currently being used in Chongqing Lianglu Guoyuan Port Comprehensive Bonded Zone. The bonded zone of Chongqing acts as an important window of opening up, with efforts to develop the smart city, taking full advantage of 5G, artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things (IoT), cloud computing, big data, and so on.

According to the competent representative, this 5G smart city project in the bonded zone focuses on building five intelligent applications, including smart land, smart security, smart municipal administration, smart services, and smart customs clearance. The 5G cloud network integration application technology is used to help the bonded zone become smarter in terms of security, land, services, and other aspects by integrating regional positioning and topographic features.

In a smart municipal administration, for example, the zone makes full use of 5G, IoT, and big data to achieve collaborative management of people, events, and substances, forming an online municipal network. Some municipal facilities can be controlled remotely via the command center, such as street lights in the zone.

In terms of service, with the multi-dimensional index aggregation, query, analysis, and statistics of the smart service system, the status of the economic operation of the enterprises located in the bonded zone can be tracked from multiple business perspectives through various data and information visualization tools such as dashboards and geographic information systems (GIS). 

(Zhu Qinzhuo, as an intern, also contributed to this report.)


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