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Another Day of Smart Life: Autonomous Hotels and Leisure Boats Usher in Future Dawn


Chongqing - Smart China Expo 2022 brings together nations and companies from around the world to exhibit their latest innovations and hi-tech products, allowing attendees to discover how smart features are gradually becoming part of everyday life. In the Collaborative Innovation Zone, located in Yubei District's idyllic ecological surroundings, the Future Hotel features a team of interactive robots that welcome guests and deliver refreshments automatically.

State-of-the-art self-service desks allow guests to check in using facial recognition and a swipe of their identification card. Within minutes, their details are logged onto the smart system, allowing them to access lifts, rooms, and facilities such as the gym by looking directly into the camera. Once settled in, a variety of in-room features can be activated through an Alexa-like voice-controlled device, which on verbal command, will open or draw the curtains, set the air-conditioning, put calls through to reception, and even answer whatever questions may peak one's sense of curiosity.

Mount Mingyue forms the picturesque backdrop to Mingyue Lake. This lake has become an ecological feature neighboring 49 prestigious research institutes such as the National University of Singapore and Harbin Institute of Technology. With these resources and environment, Chongqing is yet another ideal location for scientists to thrive while enjoying a serene lifestyle without distractions.

After settling into a cozy suite at the Future Hotel with a stunning balcony view over beautiful landscapes, water features, and green mountains, iChongqing reporter James orders a refresh+ing drink to quench summer's heat, delivered automatically by a robot straight to the door. After a relaxing stroll to enjoy the pristine environment of Mingyue Lake, James finds an autonomous boat docked at the jetty and discovers that Chongqing is not only the pioneer in the field of autonomous driving, as exemplified by the recent approval of unmanned self-driving taxis in Yongchuan District but also paves the way for autonomous leisure boats to be demonstrated on this peaceful blue lake.

In this warm-up to the latest amazing technology set to be displayed at this year's Smart China Expo, follow James and Kenny on this fun day of hi-tech experiences in one of the top homes for scientists nationwide, and see how smart innovations are set to become a part of everyday life very soon!


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