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Chongqing Issues Criteria for Identifying Foreign "High-Quality and Scarce" Talents


Chongqing– Chongqing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau issued the Notice on the Identification of Foreign “High-quality and Scarce” Talents on August 22, and the bureau received the first application form.

Five categories of foreigners can be identified as Chongqing’s foreign “high-quality and scarce” talents

The notice illustrates Chongqing’s desire to attract foreign talents for innovation and entrepreneurship. The Chongqing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau and the Chongqing Municipal Science and Technology Bureau jointly identified foreign “high-quality and scarce” talents. At the end of June this year, the local identification criteria were released for the first time.

Foreigners who meet one of the following conditions shall be identified as Chongqing foreign “high-quality and scarce” talents:

  1. Those who meet the requirements of foreign middle and high-end talents (category A) in China’s current effective classification standards for foreign workers.
  2. Candidates listed in the list of urgently needed talents in the shortage of key industries in the city (dynamic update) and fulfilling the requirements for foreign professionals (category B) in the current effective classification standards for foreigners working in China.
  3. Those who are nominees or candidates for internationally renowned awards.
  4. Those are necessary for the economic and social development of the entire city.
  5. Those recommended by the relevant units of Chongqing Municipality.

Foreigners fulfilling the conditions can submit materials to the district or county human resources and social security department by themselves or their units, which will then be approved by the municipal human resources and social security department.

“It takes just a few minutes to fill out,” said Mr. Fu, the first applicant from Chongqing Pingwei Enterprise Co., Ltd. Currently, he is a postdoctoral researcher at the Missouri University of Science and Technology and a senior consultant in ChongqiAccording to him, such a policy gives him the impression that Chongqing values and respects foreign talents, which leads him to want to stay and work in the city.

“We strive to facilitate foreign talents’ entry into Chongqing for innovation and entrepreneurship,” said the person in charge of Chongqing Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. Qualified foreign talents only need to fill out the application form for Chongqing’s “high-quality and scarce” talents. Upon approval of the application, a Confirmation Letter for Chongqing International “High-quality and Scarce” Talents will be issued.

Local incentive bonus points can be used to apply for a work permit in China

As for supporting services, foreign talent can take advantage of “green channel” and “vacancies tolerance acceptance” services when handling work permits in China under the “confirmation letter of Chongqing foreign ‘high-quality and scarce’ talent.” At the same time, recommendations and applications for relevant municipal talent plans are given priority.

The “green channel” offers many services. Those who meet the requirements for high-level foreign talents, for instance, can apply for work permits regardless of age, education, work experience, etc. Those who meet the criteria of the shortage and urgent need for foreign professionals in key fields may be eligible for a reduction in age requirements, education requirements, and work experience requirements when applying for work permits.

The “Vacancy tolerance acceptance” service allows high-level foreign talents to apply for work permits in China by incorporating “commitment system” elements into their application materials. The Chongqing Municipal Bureau of Science and Technology can shorten the approval time and provide urgent services according to the specific situation.

“Foreign experts will be encouraged to participate in the ‘Chinese Government Friendship Award’ and ‘Chongqing Friendship Award’ to enhance their sense of identity and honor,” said a representative from the bureau. A service platform will be built, and outlets will be optimized to create an attractive talent atmosphere as the next step in facilitating foreign talent recruitment.

To promote the business environment, Chongqing has also developed and issued the Chongqing Local Incentive Bonus Points Policy for Foreigners’ Work Permits in China (Trial), which includes eight policy provisions. Foreigners who meet many conditions can receive and accumulate up to ten points. These points are used for foreign talents to apply for work permits in China.

(Chen Qian, as an intern, also contributed to the report.)


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