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Chongqing Artist Fu Yuxiang Unveils the Creation Story of His Sculpture


Chongqing – Fu Yuxiang is a cross-border artist from Chongqing who created the sculpture “Golden Yak.” The western Sichuan yak is taken as the main body of artistic creation, plated with a layer of gold, whose tail is exaggeratedly extended with a roc standing on the top. Recently, “Golden Yak” won the “Baihe Golden Tripod Award” in the “Baihe Cup” Arts and Crafts Design Innovation Competition of the second China Arts and Crafts Expo. This award represents the highest artistic and authoritative honor in the contemporary Chinese arts and crafts industry.

The sculpture “Golden Yak” was created by Fu Yuxiang. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Inspired by the encounter with Niubei Mountain 

In February this year, Fu Yuxiang was invited to collect folklore at Niubei Mountain and create a landscape sculpture full of humanistic spirit. Standing on the Niubei mountain of more than 3,000 meters, Fu Yuxiang was obsessed with the splendid natural scenery. “It is meaningful to make a sculpture take its seat on the peak of Niubei Mountain,” Fu said.

The splendid view of Niubei Mountain. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

He noticed that yaks are a regional specialty, so he checked whether there were sculptures themed with yaks. Facing the few results, he came up with a bold idea to go with yaks. He said, “It is not just a piece of art, but a kind of spiritual value transmission,” and he viewed it as a challenging attempt. 

Highlight the artistic value of works

Fu Yuxiang worked in the studio for four months to complete the sculpture. His devotion and dedication to art could be seen in the process of constant self-denial and reinvention. “It is born to belong here.” Everyone highly praised the suitability of the work for Niubizi Mountain.

This sculpture is predicted to be the most vital cultural and spiritual engine of Niubei Mountain. From the perspective of Fu Yuxiang, its small draft artworks will go global, attracting more people in the future.

The criterion for judging a work of art is its specificity. Fu Yuxiang explained, “The golden yak will lose its soul without the romantic and poetic oxtail.” Fan Weimin, president of China’s “Sculpture” magazine, commented that he is an imaginative and spontaneous artist.

Fu Yuxiang was creating the artwork. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Great artworks deserve a higher stage

Artworks demand inspiration as well as a platform. Fu Yuxiang brought 11 sculptures to the second China Arts and Crafts Expo, two of which won awards. “Being affirmed by the judges is a recognition of my work,” Fu Yuxiang said.

Fu Yuxiang believes that sculptures must achieve three points. The work must have its identification and is fit for academic exchanges. Moreover, it can be made into cultural and creative products to achieve artistic and economic value.

As an international cross-border artist, Fu Yuxiang has been trying to break the boundaries of tradition and experience. He plans to create 100 sculptures over the next year, while two of his large sculptures are nearing completion.

Fu Yuxiang was creating the artwork. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

(Chen Lu, as an intern, also contributed to the report.)


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