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Chongqing Ranks First in SW China with 79 AEO Certified Enterprises 


Chongqing- Recently, Chongqing BOE Display Technology Co., Ltd. gained the senior authorized economic operator (AEO) certification within 38 days, becoming the second senior AEO certified enterprise cultivated by Chongqing Customs District this year. Up to now, the number of AEO senior certified enterprises in Chongqing has reached 79, ranking first in southwest China in terms of the total number.

AEO refers to Authorized Economic Operator. Advocated by the World Customs Organization, the AEO program is to certify companies with high levels of credit standing, compliance, and security through customs. It aims to facilitate customs clearance for qualified companies between their home and mutual recognition countries, ensuring supply chain security and trade facilitation.

Chongqing customs

The customs staffs know about the company’s credit business. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Recognizing AEO means the company can enjoy a series of benefits, like reducing the average inspection rate of import and export goods and prioritizing customs clearance procedures for trade goods. Also, the company can apply to customs for exemption from a guarantee, enjoy AEO mutual recognition countries or regions’ customs clearance facilities, and other additional trade measures.

As the fifth subsidiary of BOE Group in Chongqing, Chongqing BOE Display Technology Co., Ltd. mainly produces small and medium-sized flexible panels, which can be used in high-end full-screen smartphones, foldable Pads, and in-vehicle smart terminals.

“As it gained official AEO certification this time, all of the five companies of BOE Group in Chongqing have achieved AEO certification, which means we have a good demonstration effect of our group credit cultivation,” said Zeng Xiaolu, an official of the Lianglu Cuntan Customs, affiliated to Chongqing Customs District.

Chongqing customs

The customs staff conducted AEO certification training. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Chongqing display manufacturers entering the international market

On the one hand, as a batch of new industrial display manufacturers settled in Chongqing in recent years, the industrial display market has become one of the driving impetuses of the city’s development.

In the first seven months of this year, the products of Chongqing display manufacturers were exported to 49 countries and regions, entering the international market with 18.072 million units and 2.52 billion yuan (about 0.35 billion US dollars).

With the rapid growth of the import and export business, industrial display companies are desperate to secure effective customs credit management. On the other hand, Chongqing Customs District cooperates with the local government to promote the AEO credit management of industrial clusters and foster the credit of related enterprises guided by the local economy, industrial development, and enterprise needs.

Leybold, Corning, BOE, and other enterprises have become AEO senior certification enterprises thanks to these efforts.

Next, as Chongqing Customs District focuses on the stability and quality of foreign trade, it will consistently cultivate, help, and benefit enterprises, ensuring their integrity in operation with more practical measures and higher efficiency.

(Yang Qinmei, as an intern, also contributed to this report.)


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