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Tianpingshan Marks National Day with Music Party and Galsang Festival


Chongqing- The week-long National Day holiday kicked off with blue skies and temperatures up into the thirties, as many country resorts enticed hordes of local visitors who were on a staycation with colorful themed events, such as the first Tianping Mountain Open Air Lawn Music Party held in Southwest China Chongqing's Banan District on the first two nights.

Tianping Flower Paradise is a 3A-rated country resort with grasslands suitable for camping, a paddle boat lake, friendly guesthouses, and a 50-acre galsang flower sea. This attraction has already become a tourism name card for Banan District since its opening in 2015 and has attracted over 150,000 visits.

Tianping Lake

Tianpingshan Flower Paradise has nearly 50 acres of beautiful galsang, camping grasslands, a boating lake, modern amenities, and entertainment like open-air KTV. (Photograph- James Alexander)

In addition to galsang flowers, there are varieties in bloom throughout all four seasons. More than 20 entertainment options available mean that visitors and families alike can enjoy the atmosphere combining traditional rustic elements replete with modern conveniences.

As nighttime descended, hundreds of visitors set up in portable tents or lodged in guesthouses and assembled in front of the stage to enjoy a three-hour program headed by the globe trotter DJ Bad Monkey from New Zealand, who blends the 80s and 90s tracks from a range of genres such as synth wave, soul funk, and dark electro.

Tianping Party

Camper enjoyed the live open-air lawn music festival headed by foreign DJs as they spent National Day amid Chongqing's vibrant atmosphere and fine autumn weather. (Photograph- James Alexander)

DJ WhoDat, who perfected his style in the 90s Seattle scene, the Australian DJ 'Hippo' with an eye for post-funk and big femme energy, and live guitarist Chris O'Connell made stage appearances along with local programs featuring break dance, rap, and beatbox.

As the evening progressed, a crowd gathered to dance before the open stage. Others relaxed in groups outside their tents on the grass, youngsters played on the trampolines, and others sat back on picnic benches to enjoy the atmosphere over food and drink from the bustling stalls.

Bad Monkey

Bad Monkey is a professional DJ from New Zealand and a resident of Chongqing. His unique style combines synth wave, soul funk, trip-hop, and dark electro. (Photograph - James Alexander)

"We've organized the music festival to give visitors a unique and exciting camping experience so they can fully relax," said Director Liang of Tianping Flower Paradise at the event. "In the future, we intend to organize more events like this and attract more people to Tianpingshan."

While the Open Air Lawn Music Party takes place on the first two nights of National Day, the Tianpingshan Galsang Cultural Tourism Event runs from September 20 through October 20, during which both daytime visitors and overnight campers are welcome.


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