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'Eagle City' Name Card Underscores Chongqing's New Status for Ecological Civilisation


Chongqing- The unique topography of Chongqing Municipality features tall green mountain ridges stretching roughly parallel for hundreds of miles, with fertile valleys spanning an average of twenty kilometers in width. Each year, these geographical features provide a clear landmark for migratory birds of prey in the spring and autumn, while thermal air currents allow them to soar effortlessly during their yearly journeys.

For the past ten years, the Chongqing Birdwatching Society has frequently met to observe the passage of migratory birds. At the same time, organizations such as the Luhai International Communication Foundation have entered schools, communities, and businesses to publicize the rich biodiversity of Chongqing, as well as the importance of environmental protection. As a result, the public has displayed a growing interest in the natural surroundings, while Chongqing has successfully developed the name card of "Eagle City."

Ecological protection has become a priority task in the quest for ecological civilization. In recent years, the picture of harmony between humans and nature has become ever clearer thanks to the improved environment in river systems, mountainous areas, the countryside, and urban areas.

In the past decade, Chongqing has seen the average number of days per year with high air quality increase to hundred and twenty-six, with the improved environment producing significant benefits for migratory birds of prey and clearer skies for local birdwatching enthusiasts who now observe them in greater numbers.

Wei Jian, head of the Chongqing Birdwatching Society, commented on the changes witnessed over the previous ten years and how these have benefitted wildlife and nature lovers alike. "We need exceptionally good climatic conditions to observe birds of prey, and the air quality has continually improved in Chongqing. The city and mountains are closely connected, and many citizens now wish to learn more about the rich bio-diversity and environmental protection."

The Chongqing Luhai International Communication Foundation has played an important role in publicizing bio-diversity and raising awareness towards protecting the environment. They have achieved this goal by sharing popular science with young audiences and increasing participation through activities themed on nature experiences. In the future, they aim to establish a network of cities located along the paths of migratory birds and conduct more research into their varieties and numbers.

Thanks to the growing stature and inclusivity of the Birdwatching Society, many citizens have gained a new fondness towards the local environment and wildlife. Wang Kai is one such enthusiast, and during a recent event held at the Southern Hot Springs in Ba'nan District, he shared his feelings to date. 'I have realized how amazing these creatures are and the way people feel happy to watch them. You find that nature can offer us many great surprises, and I hope everybody can treat wildlife with care and love our natural environment.'

In this special report, iChongqing follows the Birdwatching Society during an event held on a mountaintop on Chinese National Day, a time of year that coincides with the peak time for migratory birds of prey flying over Chongqing on their autumnal journey southwards. Amid the beautiful environment, we hear firsthand from the organizations involved in birdwatching and popular science and meet with local wildlife enthusiasts who can now easily observe birds of prey thanks to fine clear skies and ever-improving ecology.


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