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China, A Place To Fulfill My Dream | Remarkable China

By Mu Xuelin, Wang Yiling, Yue Xingchen|Oct 18,2022

Chongqing - “My connection to China was not for the last ten years; it goes back to my childhood. When I was a kid, I read a magazine about China. I got fascinated with photos and stories of China. I wanted to see the Great Wall, and China has become my dream ever since. Now it is my reality; I live and work here”. Rami Khalil, a Sichuan International Studies University professor, who moved to China in 2012 with his whole family, shared his Chinese Dream with iChongqing.

He has witnessed 10-year enormous development in China. Taking Chongqing, where he lives now, as an example, he said, “I came to Chongqing in 2006 to work on my post-doctoral research. Chongqing at that time was different from what it is today.” He added that huge development could be seen in fast-growing infrastructure, education, business, and the quality of people’s life.

To take Chongqing to the world and tell China’s story well, he wrote “Stories From Chongqing.” It is bilingual, in Chinese and Arabic, with audio support. Asked about his motivation for creating the book, he said that Chongqing had played an important role in China’s “Belt and Road Initiative.” Hence, he wanted to publish a comprehensive book about Chongqing that brings its history, development, and future to the world. Now his book “Stories From Chongqing” have been distributed to countries of the Middle East like Dubai, Cairo, Doha, and Tunisia, which helps local readers gain more knowledge and understanding about Chongqing, China.

Now Rami Khalil is not only a professor at Sichuan International Studies University but also a resident representative of the Armenian Chamber of Commerce & Industry in China. He helps companies and enterprises from China and Armenia connect and establish beneficial and win-win relationships. He said exchanges and communication in trade, culture, and people between China and Armenia have increased in recent years. Chinese is gradually becoming a commodity in Armenia, as many students pursue learning the Chinese language and culture.

“China is the future! The previously well-known Western Dream is no more. It is now Eastern Dream, and instead of going West, people come to East, they come to China.” Therefore he came here with his family to learn, preserve and bequeath the centuries-long preserved wisdom of China. What makes China unique is its deep respect for diversity. Being one with 56 Ethnic families sets an example of a global family where countries, nationalities, languages, and efforts are united to create a harmonious world. We need to learn from China, as it sets an example of a centralized approach to extrapolate solutions for today and future challenges.


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