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Chang'an EV Meets Chongqing Terrain and Support Infrastructure | Green Travel


Chongqing- The highly complex system of bridges, tunnels, and intersections in Chongqing, blended with the mountainous terrain and great rivers, means this city provides the acid test for many drivers and the latest new energy vehicles. In this vlog themed on green travel, the iChongqing reporter test drives the latest SL03 model developed by Chang'an Automobile on challenging inner city roads and experiences the quality of supporting infrastructure.

In May 2022, the total number of new energy vehicles on the road in Chongqing reached 170,000 units, while sales in July increased nearly 50% to the previous year. These have brought many environmental benefits, such as lower emissions and noise, while the cost of charging electric vehicles compares favorably with traditional gasoline vehicles.

The power consumption of around 12.3 kWh per 100 kilometers means the average electricity cost per 100 kilometers is a mere 6.1 RMB. At the same time, the streamlined design reduces air resistance, and the engine runs at an efficiency level of around 95%. These advantages have convinced many motorists in Chongqing to purchase EVs, and the bright green license plates they display have become a far more common sight in only the past two years.

Besides consumer confidence, one of the most significant concerns for potential buyers is the availability of charging piles. In many western countries, there is a widespread lack of supporting infrastructure despite encouraging sales figures, as charging stations remain challenging to find in many regions. At the same time, those in operation face the challenges of prolonged waiting times and faulty equipment. 

In Chongqing, however, there are nearly 73,000 charging piles scattered around the main urban area, with many well-maintained charge stations located conveniently among suburban communities, with large capacity available 24 hours a day, with staff on hand to resolve problems and queries. 

On this test drive in Chongqing, see how the electric vehicle takes on the inner city bridges, tunnels, intersections, and river roads before going up the steep and windy roads ascending to Nanshan Mountain. Also, Chang'an Automobile representative Yadan explains the vehicle's green features, and we discuss the supporting infrastructure with the manager of a local charge station.

(Chen Lu, as an intern, also contributed to the report.)


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