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Volunteers Offer Hearty Support in Fight against COVID-19 Resurgence


Chongqing– Since the latest wave of COVID-19 battered Chongqing Municipality in November, countless residents have lent a hand in the pandemic fight. They are volunteers or community workers on the front line of epidemic prevention or behind. With different age groups, roles, and missions, they all have a common purpose: to contribute their strengths to the city’s urgent fight to beat the outbreak and return to normal.

A couple on the front line of the epidemic

At around 1:00 pm on Nov 16, during a short break, Duan Chengming and his wife Jiang Jie made a WeChat video call, and the two chatted briefly for a few minutes.

Duan Chengming, 35 years old, is a staff member of Qiaokou Community, Qiezixi Street, Dadukou District. He volunteered to coordinate personnel transfer at night.

Duan Chenming checked the information at night. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

“Please pack it up. I will arrange a car to transfer you to the hotel later. You can prepare an extra thick coat in case the temperature cools down,” Duan Chengming talked to one close contact of the confirmed case.

Duan received an urgent notice at 3 am on Nov 15. Without delay, He contacted them immediately. He only slept a few hours and got up early to help deliver and distribute materials.

Jiang Jie, Duan’s wife, is also busy. She is a doctor at the Tiaodeng Town Health Center in Dadukou District. She is responsible for scheduling medical services, door-to-door sampling, and specimen submission this time.

Jiang Jie (left) and her colleague are in protective suits. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

“Post-90s” offer medical services to the community

27-year-old Fu Linlin is a staff member of the Jincheng Community in Dadukou District. Since the outbreak, she has been working in the community to provide medical services for residents under quarantine.

In the early morning of Nov 15, Fu Linlin finished her busy work during the day when the phone rang suddenly. “An 81-year-old man in Building 1 of Hong Kong City suddenly suffered from abdominal pain,” the call said, “and urgently needs medical attention.”

Fu Linlin (the first from the right) takes the residents to the hospital. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Fu Linlin immediately put on a protective suit and rushed to the community. After quick coordination, the old man was finally sent to the ambulance. “Early morning, we followed up and discovered that the old man had pancreatitis. The hospital said that, fortunately, he was sent to the hospital in time!”

During the epidemic, Fu Linlin will encounter various emergencies. For example, residents who suffer from rectal cancer and have run out of regular medicines need someone to go to the hospital to get prescription drugs. And residents whose hometown is in Chengdu and who live alone in Chongqing need to go to the hospital for examination.

Repeated the same operation hundreds of times a day

On Nov 11, due to the need for epidemic prevention and control, Chen Shi participated in the epidemic prevention volunteer service in Dadukou District.

Unlike the information entry and material management work she participated in, she came to Gangyan Community to organize COVID testing for residents.

Chen Shi gets nucleic acid sampling for residents. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

“Before taking up the volunteer work, there was professional medical staff to conduct unified training.” Chen Shi said she is a “post-aughts” young woman with the energy to learn everything. After repeated drills, she soon took up the front-line nucleic acid sampling position.

Tear off the collection stick, raise your hand, take a sample, tighten the cap, and disinfect your hands. Chen Shi has to go through the sampling operation hundreds of times daily. All in the name of fighting the outbreak, all for the good of Chongqing.


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