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A Midnight Listener Provides Psychological Help to Neighbours


Chongqing – “Ms. Ran, thank you for listening to me at such a late hour. I feel much more comfortable now.”

“It’s okay. If I can help you, I’ll be happy too. Rest early, and tomorrow is another day.”

In the middle of the night on Nov 15, Ran Ran, chairman of the Chongqing Writers Association, put down the phone and sighed in relief.

The one-hour call just now came from an unknown neighbor. Under the epidemic, she has been emotional recently. Over the past few days, Ran has received calls from several neighbors, one after another. They confide, and she listens. She didn’t know them well, but they met by chance at the two ends of the phone.

Ran sent her phone number to the community group. “Since the battle to fight the epidemic in Chongqing has started, the city’s people have stood together and helped each other. However, people have accumulated pressure in their hearts and need spiritual comfort. For this reason, I hope to do my best,” she said.

Ran is quite knowledgeable in psychology and has practiced psychological healing. This knowledge is vividly reflected in her recently published novel “Jenny the Hypnotist.”

With the original intention of helping others, Ran sent a message to the community group. “I am a community volunteer, and friends who need psychological counseling can contact me. I hope everyone can get through the tough times.” Soon, some neighbors got in touch with her to try it.

Most calls come at night. Ran is clear that her role is mainly a listener. “The content of the chat is different, and I also encountered difficult problems that cannot be answered. At this time, listening patiently is the best outlet for stress.” Ran’s sincerity has won the trust of neighbors. Some neighbors also hoped that Ran could provide long-term help.

For more residents and friends who are anxious due to the epidemic, Ran gives her suggestions. “During the epidemic, everyone should pay more attention to their physical and mental health and communicate with relatives and friends when they have worries and pains. It is better to relieve anxiety and fear in time, rest well, and overcome difficulties with a positive attitude.”

While providing psychological help, Ran also signed up community volunteers to do the nucleic acid sampling and other work. “These days, I have heard and witnessed many touching stories. I believe that with the unity of the people, the battle against the epidemic will win. I hope everyone can return to normal life as soon as possible,” she said.

Ran Ran(center) was at the nucleic acid testing site. (Photo provided to iChongqing)


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