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Chongqing's Makeshift Hospitals Offer Better Treatment for Patients


Chongqing- The coronavirus has been spreading rapidly in Southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality recently, with 231 local confirmed cases and 5,898 asymptomatic carriers reported on November 20, according to the municipal health commission. 

Since the outbreak, the municipal government has made medical treatment of patients its top priority, launching a series of makeshift hospitals receiving patients, said Li Pan, deputy director of the Chongqing Health Commission, at a news conference on November 19. 

Experts said that to fight against potential COVID-19 resurgences and other health emergencies, building more makeshift hospitals in advance and reserving some as permanent fixtures are intended as a precautionary measure. 

makeshift hospital

Medical staffs are prepared to receive COVID-19 patients in the makeshift hospital at Yuelai International Convention Center, Chongqing. (Photo/ Visual Chongqing)

Makeshift hospitals, also known as Fangcang hospitals, were first built during the initial wave of the domestic outbreak centered in Hubei province in early 2020 and were later adopted by many cities hit by the virus across China.

So far, Chongqing has opened four makeshift municipal hospitals, including Chongqing Public Health Medical Center, Chongqing College of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Yuelai International Exhibition Center, and Nanping Convention Center.

Besides, eight makeshift hospitals are built in some districts and counties, managed by medical resources and expert teams in each area, like Jiulongpo District, Beibei District, and others. 

For example, the Shizishan makeshift hospital in Jiangbei District is a large-scale one with 1,000 beds, led by Chongqing Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital. 

makeshift hospital

Medical staff working at the makeshift hospital at Yuelai International Convention Center, Chongqing. (Photo/ Visual Chongqing)

Currently, 26,200 beds have been opened in these makeshift hospitals with elite medical and nursing staff for aid, striving to provide patients with a better treatment environment. 

In addition to the makeshift hospitals, four designated hospitals are opened, and two hospitals are vacated to receive COVID-19 patients. These hospitals are mainly for general, heavy, and critically ill patients, including some with severe underlying conditions, the elderly, pregnant women, etc. 

At noon on November 19, the number of asymptomatic patients in Chongqing reached 25,696 under quarantine medical observation. One thousand seven hundred sixty patients are under centralized quarantine medical treatment in hospitals, and most are mild cases. 


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