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A Cultural Feast Launched for Residents During the Pandemic


Chongqing  – To enrich the cultural life of citizens, Chongqing has launched a “cultural feast” that includes six types of cultural, sports, and leisure activities during the new round of the Covid-19 lockdown. Residents can watch blockbuster movies, “visit” museums online, enjoy various performances at home, and have professional sports experts to guide them to exercise. 

Until the epidemic lift, Chongqing cable TV users will not be shut down for arrears. All users can open 140 live channels for free, including 4K, high-definition, and standard-definition channels, covering CCTV, local satellite TV, and various local channels in Chongqing. Some premium channels are also free.

Users with cable television interactive video-on-demand terminals can enjoy free services through the “China Radio and Television Chongqing 5G Hall” WeChat mini-program. With 200,000 hours of popular theater blockbusters, popular TV series, and variety shows, Chongqing residents can binge-watch at home. 

Chongqing residents can enjoy 43 artistic performances for free on Chongqing Daily client, Chongqing Cable TV, and other platforms, covering various forms such as dance drama, Sichuan opera, ballet, drama, concert, magic, etc.

The fantastic shows include the Sichuan Opera “Sister Jiang,” composed by Chongqing Sichuan Opera Company, which won the 17th Wenhua Award. The dance drama “Du Fu,” which won the highest award in dance art “Lotus Award,” is broadcasted online for free. And also, Chongqing Acrobatic Arts Troupe’s performance “Boogie Man,” Golden Chrysanthemum Award winner, is ready to amaze people online.


Du Fu carried off the 10th Lotus Award, China’s top dancing art award. (iChongqing file photo)

Chongqing literary and art associations, such as Chongqing Music Association, Chongqing Artists Association, Chongqing Calligraphers Association, and Chongqing Photography Association, will organize online competitions like calligraphy, art, photography, and short videos. Everyone can participate and post their work. 

Chongqing has invited Worldskills Competition champions, national skills competition gold medal winners, Bayu skill masters, and other high-skilled leading talents to show and train the public in beauty, hairdressing, cooking, baking, and flower art through video recording and online live broadcasts. Residents can learn tea art, clothing care, home decoration, and other skills to enrich their home life.

The city carries out home fitness online competitions and video collections and invites national champions, national instructors, and outstanding athletes in relevant sports categories to launch a series of “online classrooms” such as chess and cards, Tai Chi, and Health Qigong. 

The public is welcome to participate in online follow-up training, uploading videos, interactive quizzes, etc. In addition, participating in the project can obtain a commemorative certificate.

Chongqing citizens can visit museums through virtual exhibitions and VR panoramic and appreciate the collection of cultural relics with 360° rotation. The “Chongqing Cultural Relics” WeChat account is linked to museums in Chongqing, such as the Hongyan Revolutionary History Museum, the Three Gorges Museum, the Natural History Museum, the Dazu Rock Carvings, and other cultural resources.

In addition, people can access free audiobooks, classic books, lecture videos, and other resources through the official website and WeChat account of Chongqing Library. 


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