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China Leads International Community on Healthcare

By Muhammad Zamir AssadiCHINA DAILY|Nov 22,2022

By setting the trend and concept of a shared future for humankind under the umbrella of a health corridor envisioned by the collective wisdom of the nation, China has helped the international community combat one of the worst global health challenges ever faced by humanity.

The sudden outbreak of COVID-19 shocked the world, as the pandemic and its challenging impacts exposed facets of the global health system and economy that ruined the lives of many vulnerable people in developed and developing countries.

In the initial stages, only China stood up with total commitment and strength to combat the pandemic.

By providing much-needed medical care and assistance, China established protocols for testing patients and led the campaign for vaccine development.

The health protocols for treating patients were shared with the international community, which helped various governments identify the virus among their people.

The initiatives taken by China in combating the pandemic generated the message for the global community that the life of every human being is precious.

If you talk about the donations of medical equipment, ranging from safety kits to the distribution of vaccines, China at every stage showed its readiness and commitment to fighting the pandemic.

China’s quick and effective response in the fight against COVID-19 generated a message that no challenge is bigger than humanity and all can be tackled smoothly with mutual and meaningful consultation.

By feeling its responsibility as a major country, China played a significant role in assisting various countries of the world by sharing its medical experience in the fight against COVID-19.

From the very beginning, China has been helping the international community in all scientific and technical fields. These efforts helped many launch an effective emergency response that helped save thousands of lives across the globe.

China’s openhearted medical support in tackling COVID-19’s challenges without any political strings attached enabled many countries to vaccinate their frontline healthcare workers and prevented the pandemic situation from getting worse for many.

The openness of China in cooperation on COVID-19 challenges during very critical times gave much-needed confidence and hope to the international community. Putting people first, adopting a science-based policy, and coordinating pandemic prevention and control policies — priorities China drove — paved the way for economic recovery and promoted solidarity and cooperation.

Pakistan was also among the very first countries to receive Chinese medical equipment, doctors, and necessary health items.

In the initial stages, when Western countries, including the United States, were reluctant to commit any medical support to developing countries, including Pakistan, China February 2020 sent its first assistance by providing testing kits.

This timely assistance from Beijing enabled Islamabad to respond smoothly to emerging cases of COVID-19 in an effective manner and proved that China has always stood with Pakistan in challenging times.

China’s timely medical support to Pakistan enhanced the country’s response in the fight against COVID-19 and developed screening and testing guidelines for countrywide healthcare departments.

China’s sharing of experience and training on the prevention, detection, and management of COVID cases with Pakistani medical workers strengthened the overall medical infrastructure in the country.

Pakistan-China COVID cooperation took shape under the banner of a shared future and bilateral understanding, which cultivated much-needed benefits for people, especially by saving lives.

China’s medical supplies to Pakistan were a symbol of friendship, as China gave preferential treatment to the neighboring country by providing urgently needed medical supplies.

It is worth mentioning that China became a role model for Pakistan and the world in controlling disease, as many other countries learned from China and followed in its footsteps.

In a recent meeting between Pakistani Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif and President Xi Jinping in Beijing, the Pakistani delegation expressed heartfelt appreciation to the Chinese government and people for their valuable anti-COVID support.

Sharif expressed appreciation to China for its timely and valuable support as Pakistan succeeded in controlling the COVID-19 challenge effectively.

China’s achievements in and contributions to the healthcare system played a significant role in addressing the menace of COVID-19, and history will record the response of China as historic and memorable.


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