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Made in Chongqing Shines in 2022 Qatar World Cup

By EIKO CHENG|Nov 30,2022

Chongqing - The 2022 FIFA World Cup is taking place in Qatar from November 20 to December 18. Besides the glamorous opening ceremony, the dramatic vibes, the unexpected goals, and the excellent performance of top soccer stars worldwide, there are some refreshing facts about the infrastructure and manufacturing of this most expensive world-cup: some products from China’s Chongqing debut in the stadium and games, presenting a better watching-experience and a safer environment for this event, also stressed out an increasingly growing global reputation of this city’s manufacturing industry.

On November 25, Eiko Cheng hosted a live stream show on iChongqing’s channel to talk about how Chongqing’s manufacturing shines in this year’s world cup. Du Fanggu, the manager of the Chongqing Mexin Group, and Kelvin Peng, the sales manager of the international department of Dima Industry, joined the show and shared their stories and insights.

iChongqing lived on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook

iChongqing lived on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook (iChongqing/Eiko Cheng)

Mexin Doors for stadium 974

The fire doors in the Qatar World Cup Stadium 974 were the first topic that the show mentioned. As the first fully demountable covered football stadium, it was constructed entirely from shipping containers and modular steel, and Chongqing Mexin Group of Chongqing provided the fire doors.

Stadium 974 of Qatar 2022(Photo provided to iChongqing)

Stadium 974 of Qatar 2022 (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Meixin fire doors for Stadium 974(Photo provided to iChongqing)

Meixin fire doors for Stadium 974 (Photo supplied to iChongqing)

Mexin Group, the door manufacturer in China, was founded in 1989. According to the introduction from Du Fanggu, Mexin had entered one of the most important overseas markets, the Middle East, for more than ten years, including Dubai, Saudi Arabia, and Qatar. “During these years, we have completed many key projects in Qatar, such as Doha Asian Games, the EZDAN shopping mall Center and many five-star hotels. Through these cases, we established a close cooperation relationship with Qatar’s influential local general contractors.” Du said.

Du also shared the core technological features of these fire doors in Stadium 974:

  1. Safety is the priority. “All of our fire doors must meet the British standard BS476, which is 2 hours fire rating. To ensure the audience has enough time to escape in case of fire.”
  2. All the hardware and fire alarm systems used on the fire door are customized for World cup Stadium, so the brand needs to design the lock hole corresponding to this special hardware;
  3. The paint material must be environmentally friendly and meet international building standards such as heavy anti-corrosion, strong adhesion, gloss, and film thickness.
  4. The door frame design should be consistent with the particular container module wall; air and water tightness must be considered.
  5. The package must be strong enough to ensure the goods' safety in long-distance transportation, multiple transshipments, and loading and unloading.

“To archive the requirements above, our sales team, technical team, and production team organized meetings and discussions time and time again, and many tests as well,” Du said.

Dima works with Huawei 

Another Chongqing manufacturing project that debuted at this year’s world cup is the communication base station vehicles from Dima Industry. According to Kelvin Peng, the company cooperates with Huawei Qatar and Hatcom Qatar. By successfully recommending the outdoor new design mobile emergency base station to Qatar’s Telecommunication operators Hatcom and MOI (Ministry of Interior) in Septem of this year, Dima supplied four communication base station vehicles to Qatar Hatcom and MOI. 

Communication base station vehicles provided by Dima Industry to support 2022 World Cup(Photo provided to iChongqing)

Communication base station vehicles provided by Dima Industry to support the 2022 World Cup (Photo supplied to iChongqing)

Dima Industry, owned by Dima Holdings, was built in 1997 and specialized in providing intelligent and safe special vehicle and emergency rescue guarantee products, bulletproof cash-in-transit vehicles, airport ground support equipment, robots, mobile service equipment, and a smart digital city. “It is the first special automobile enterprise in China exporting batch products to overseas markets and is the leading enterprise in a domestic special vehicle. The DIMA industry’s products are sold to 34 countries and regions, including Asia, Africa, America, Euro, etc.” Peng said when live streaming.

Before the world cup project, Dima industrial communication base station vehicles frequently supported important international, national and provincial activities. Such as the 2022 Winter Olympics, the 2022 Paralympic Games, the return of Shenzhou 13 to Earth in 2022, and the actual combat exercises for earthquake relief in plateau and alpine regions in 2022.

Peng also shared the function of the communication base station vehicles:

  1. They are generally used at large gatherings and significant events. It can be deployed anytime and anywhere with high mobility to realize the coverage, transmission, and exchange of on-site wireless signals and achieve the functions of communication blind spot compensation, capacity expansion, etc.
  2. Communication is like a highway. Usually, four lanes are enough, but when more vehicles are on holiday, the roads will be crowded. “When people are crowded, and communication congestion is caused, mobile base stations need to broaden the communication bandwidth to ensure the normal cell phone communication network communication,” Peng said.

Wulong celebrated the Opening day

Due to its unique and typical karst landform, Wulong District, Chongqing, is known as the “World Karst Ecological Museum.” During the World Cup, “Wulong China” appeared at the Al Jaber Twin Towers, which is adjacent to the landmark Lusail Stadium and is the landmark CBD of the core business district of Lusail New City. The building is a must-go place for 90% of high-net-worth fans of the World Cup, and it is a tourist-attraction-level business district for international business travelers. This project is an important measure to promote the international image and brand promotion of “World Natural Heritage, the Great Beauty of Wulong” and to improve the global popularity of Wulong tourism.

Wulong China appeared in Al Jaber Twin Towers in Qatar(Photo provided to iChongqing)

Wulong China appeared in Al Jaber Twin Towers in Qatar (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Wulong is rich in tourism resources, including the most significant natural stone bridge group in Asia, the Natural Three Bridges, which attracts many movies such as “Transformers 4”, “Gold in the City,” “My Dad is a Prince” and so on. Many famous scenic spots in this region, such as Fairy Mountain National Forest Park, Furong Cave, Datian Wetland Family, Wanfeng Naxi Original Township, etc., attracting tourists worldwide. 


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