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Let's Go! To Enjoy an Energetic and Joyful Winter in Chongqing

By YAN DENG|Dec 04,2022

Chongqing - Recently, with the arrival of cold weather, many places in Chongqing ushered in the first snow this winter. The winter is spectacular and intriguing in Chongqing, with a variety of places such as theme parks, ski resorts, hot springs, and other destinations where you can enjoy an energetic and joyful winter!

Nanchuan Jinfo Mountain Scenic Area

Jinfo Mountain's views changes with the seasons. In winter, you can admire the stunning snow-covered landscape, enjoy the hot spring, and participate in local customs. Visitors can play in the snow, ski, ride on a horse-drawn float, go dog sledding, drive a snow tank, and enjoy hot springs at its North Slope ski resort.

The Nanchuan Jinfo Mountain Scenic Area. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Huang’anba in Chengkou County

Huang'anba, located in Chengkou County's northeast, is another excellent place to enjoy the snow. The breathtaking beauty of the white trees and silvery flowers drew many people. Wandering through the lovely surroundings will make you feel as if you are immersed in a magical, dreamy fairyland.

The Huang'anba in Chengkou County is a silver wonderland in winter. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Wulong Fairy Mountain

Throughout the year, Fairy Mountain sees a steady influx of visitors. For skiers in the winter, it's a fantastic location. It is very soft and appropriate for skiers, with an average winter temperature of 0°C and snowfall of roughly 40 cm. The 50,000-square-meter ski resort can accommodate 3,000 people at the same time. You can sled, slide tires, and throw snowballs.

The Wulong Fairy Mountain. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Simian Mountain Scenic Area in Jiangjin District

Simian Mountain is a national 5A tourist destination named one of China's ten most beautiful forest parks. Mountains, deep forests, crystal clear lakes, and breathtaking waterfalls provide outstanding landscapes, and the mountain takes on a different type of beauty when blanketed in snow during the winter.

Simian Mountain Scenic Area in Jiangjin District. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Baitianchi Ski Resort in Shizhu County

Baitianchi Ski Resort is Chongqing's largest outdoor ski resort, with a capacity of 5,000 people skiing and playing at the same time. The ski area is separated into four sections: primary slopes, intermediate slopes, a snow circle area, and a snow entertainment area. Aside from traditional skiing, snow-playing activities are available, including snow tubing, assault boats, and snow bikes. There are also some fun items for kids, such as snowflakes and bouncing flying.

Baitianchi Ski Resort in Shizhu County. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Beibei Jinyun Mountain

Beibei Jinyun Mountain is a top leisure destination for Chongqing residents to enjoy hot springs in winter and encounter mountains and rivers. Since ancient times, hot spring water has flowed between the banks of the Jialing River and the towering peaks of Jinyun Mountain, where visitors still take pleasure in soaking in the pools to the sound of trickling water.

The Beibei Jinyun Mountain. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Tongjing Scenic Area in Yubei District

The Tongjing scenic area contains a collection of natural hot springs, including 25 large and tiny springs. Certain pools that contain milk, flowers, and Chinese herbs are very beneficial to girls' skin. There are also pools with small fish that can help clean your skin. And it is also abundant in natural beauty, with numerous mountains, valleys, caves, and other activities for visitors to explore.

Tongjing Scenic Area in Yubei District. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Nanshan Botanical Garden in the Nanan District

One of the best places for plant lovers to visit is the Nanshan Botanical Garden in the Nanan District. Winter Sweet, also known as Chimonanthus praecox, is about to bloom as winter approaches. Because of the flowers' delicate fragrance and elegant shape, locals in Chongqing would like to purchase some with sticks and decorate their homes.

Nanshan Botanical Garden in Nanchuan District. (Photo provided to iChongqing)


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