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Culture and Tourism Promotion Show "Huangsi Mama City Exploration" Premieres

By SHIHAN YANG|Dec 09,2022

A journey connects picturesque landscapes, and a nursery rhyme evokes thick nostalgia. "Huangsi Mama City Exploration," a culture and tourism promotion variety show of Chongqing Satellite Television, is aired weekly from December 9.

"Huangsi Mama" means ant in the Chongqing dialect. It reminds every Chongqing people of the nursery rhyme deep in their memory. It symbolizes their "ant character" and can arouse the homesickness of Chongqing people who have left their hometown to make a living. The "Huangsi Mama Club of City Explorers" customizes city exploration services for Chongqing returnees with the help of foreign members who are familiar with the city. They take returnees to explore the city, scenery, and people in Tongliang, Yubei, Banan, and Wansheng districts, discover new places in Chongqing and tell the story of the Chongqing people.

In the show,  explorers will start a business in the Chongqing Shibati Scenic Area. Actor Max Zhang, head of the Club, will entrust the "Club of City Explorers" composed of manager Tang Yunyi and two foreign residents to satisfy the appeal of returnees. They will customize a personalized travel route in Chongqing for returnees every week.

Tongliang District: Chasing Dreams • Tongliang Dragon

For the first time, the large-scale intangible cultural heritage live show "Chasing Dreams • Tongliang Dragon" will appear on TV. It will showcase the time-honored intangible cultural heritage of the Tongliang Dragon Dance, reveal the efforts behind the Tongliang Dragon Dance's international and domestic presence, demonstrate the unique charm of Tongliang, a culture and tourism destination famous for Chinese dragon dance, and tell the story of Chongqing dream seekers.

Scene of the "Huangsi Mama City Exploration" show. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Yubei District: "Miners" in Yubei

In Tongluoshan Mine Park, which has contributed a lot to the construction of Chongqing and undergone tremendous changes, explorers will meet trendy and funny young "miners" and experience fashion and romance on Ziwei Road. They will also meet the old "miners" of the 80s and listen to their stories about the great changes in Chongqing. Let's appreciate the new look of Yubei, the "Gate of Chongqing."

Scene of the "Huangsi Mama City Exploration" show. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Banan District: Inheritance and Innovation, A Visit to Banan

Flash version of Mudong Folk Songs, one of the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage items, technologies of Chongqing-ASEAN International Logispark and Chongqing International Biological City, the tastiest Tofu pudding in Chongqing, a special low-altitude flying experience... Explorers will witness old Chongqing blending with new fashion in Banan.

Scene of the "Huangsi Mama City Exploration" show. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Wansheng District: All-for-one Tourism, Dynamic Wansheng

Did you know there is a "sea" in Chongqing? At Banliaojin Beach, you can enjoy the joy of seaside play in the mountain city! In the Wansheng Stone Forest, which is believed to be the oldest in China, explorers will experience the unique "Hongmiao Culture" through singing and dancing. Cliff bungee jumping is also available in the Ordovician Scenic Area, which goes viral on the short video platform. In Wansheng, which leads the whole country with all-for-one tourism, explorers will show you the new look of a resource-based district transformed.

Scene of the "Huangsi Mama City Exploration" show. (Photo provided to iChongqing)

Scenery, delicacy, and touching stories of locals will come one after another in the show. Through the program and media matrix, Chongqing's new changes and achievements in culture and tourism will be presented from multiple perspectives.


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