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Night Economy Helps Boost Economic Recovery

By YAN DENG7|Dec 27,2022

Chongqing - After China announced the optimization of COVID-19 rules, night markets in Southwest China's Chongqing were once again alive with the hustle and bustle.

On December 18, some residents were shopping in the night market on Nanbin Road. (Photo/Nan'an District Convergence Media​​ Center)

A city's night economy lights up the streets, revealing its consumption potential. Shoppers, diners, and photographers shuttled between the tents of shopping and dining, recapturing Chongqing's distinctive charm as a city that never sleeps.

"It is fascinating to see all the booths. Apart from some food vendors, I am most interested in the jewelry shops, which are reasonably priced and unique," said Yuan Jin, a resident. "Such a night market hasn't been seen for a long time due to the pandemic. Chongqing's vibrant nightlife makes it even more appealing."

As an essential part of the urban economy, the nighttime economy is an indicator of the openness, convenience, and dynamism of a city's economy. Chongqing's thriving nightlife economy has given the city a particular cultural appeal and romantic ambiance. According to statistics, Chongqing has established more than 30 city-level night market blocks and some nighttime business clusters, including Ninth Street and Longmenhao Old Street. 

Chongqing has taken measures to promote the sustainable development of its night economy to build a leading international consumption center city. Several iconic night market blocks have been renovated through constant adjustments to business layouts and improvements to consumption environments. 

A rich product system of "seven nights" has been created, including night tours, night views, night shows, night reading, the night market, night entertainment, and night care. Sixty percent of urban consumption in Chongqing now happens at night, with shopping mall sales between 18:00 and 22:00 accounting for almost 60% of overall sales.

Tourists and locals lined up at the market's food stalls on Nanbin Road on December 18. (Photo/Nan'an District Convergence Media Center)

The robust nighttime economy in Chongqing has also kept consumer spending strong. In the first three quarters of 2022, the city's total retail sales of social consumer products reached 1.05 trillion yuan, an increase of 1.5% over last year. Retail sales of urban consumer goods increased by 1.2% year over year to nearly 895.14 billion yuan. The catering industry as a whole generated 143.11 billion yuan, up 0.6% year over year.

The Ninth Street nightlife district is a popular destination for Chongqing residents. It is also the first batch of municipal-level typical night market business blocks approved by the Chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce. Hot pots, grilling, and bars are common forms of entertainment here. Some visitors consider themselves to have visited Chongqing only if they have experienced Ninth Street's nightlife. "Liziba Station is truly wonderful during the day, and the brightly illuminated nightlife of Ninth Street is no exception. It's a pleasant journey," said Li Jiaxin, a Guangdong tourist.

Zhang Yongwu, director of the Chongqing Municipal Commission of Commerce, said, "Chongqing will take initiatives to generate new market demand with high-quality supply to meet the people's ever-growing needs for a better life while building an international consumption center city."


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