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A Student Who Paints Lion on Tractor Finds His Business

By YAN DENG|Jan 10,2023

Chongqing - Xiao Honghu, a Sichuan Fine Arts Institute student, helped his uncle draw a picture of a lion on a tractor, which attracted over one million visitors and many likes on the short-video streaming platform Douyin. The video has become a trending topic in the city of Chongqing.

Xiao Honghu painted the lion on his uncle's tractor. (Photo/Xiao Honghu)

"My uncle runs a local farm. I was on vacation when my uncle asked me to draw a picture for Chinese New Year on his tractor," Xiao said. "I chose to draw a lion to celebrate Chinese New Year and completed the drawing in one day."

Xiao Honghu and his friends were in the creation. (Photo/Xiao Honghu)

Xiao posted the creative process on short-video platforms such as Douyin and Kuaishou, which immediately attracted many likes. "This skin is too cool!" "It is the chicest car in the village!" Some netizens wanted to invite Xiao to paint the skin of his tractor.

It is not the first time Xiao's video has been the trending hashtag. He painted a pair of white shoes last year, and the video reached 60 million views. The business he started when he was only a sophomore has grown to become a trendy shoe company today. 

Xiao came into contact with art in junior high school and was admitted to the Sculpture Department of the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts.

Xiao sometimes shares his animation or game-themed paintings on the short video platform, which grows his following.

"A fan once asked in the comments, could you draw Naruto on my white shoes?" Although it seemed strange to him, he agreed. More and more fans began to ask him to paint on their shoes, which earned Xiao more than 10,000 yuan a month. 

Xiao Honghu painted the anime pictures on the white shoes. (Photo/Xiao Honghu)

Therefore, Xiao set up a studio in his sophomore year, took orders from Taobao, China's e-commerce platform, and brought his classmates together to earn money. "Our maximum daily order volume would be 60-80 orders."

Xiao became a contracted designer for a well-known domestic sports brand and cooperated with many brands. In addition to trendy shoes, he also painted sweepers and chairs. Xiao created a video, "Along the River During the Qingming Festival," in July last year, which received more than 2.4 million likes, gaining 100,000 followers on Douyin.

Trendy shoes designed by Xiao Honghu.(Photo/Xiao Honghu)

Xiao's studio already has ten employees in the Cultural and Creative Micro-Enterprise Park of Sichuan Fine Arts Institute. " I can rent an office at a low price after graduation this year with the support of the school, which lays the groundwork for future development," Xiao said he would paint his uncle's other two tractors and harvesters. " I will paint some of the farm's walls when the weather improves," he said.


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