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Exploring Yummy Chongqing in London | Chongqing Food & Culture Experience Officially Launched

By SHIHAN YANG|Jan 10,2023

The “Exploring Yummy Chongqing in London” Chongqing Food & Culture Experience, one of the “Happy Chinese New Year” Global Cultural Exchange Activities of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, has officially kicked off on January 9. Overseas netizens are invited to embark on a happy “journey of the tongue”!

Primary poster of “Exploring Yummy Chongqing in London” Chongqing Food & Culture Experience (Photo/ Yue Xingchen)

Food is a kind of homesickness and also a medium. It carries the emotional warmth of a city and showcases the charm of a city to the outside. Chongqing’s exclusive delicacies are renowned, such as hot pot, Small Noodles, Hot and Sour Rice Noodles, and Peppery Chicken... The pungent, spicy, fresh, tender, and spicy feast also conveys the straightforward attitude to life of the Chongqing people.

Hot pot is one of the most representative delicacies of Chongqing (Photo/ Chongqing International Communication Center)

The event will demonstrate the characteristics and making process of Chongqing’s special food and embed Chinese cultural elements into cooking to tell vivid tales of Chongqing cuisine and Chinese cuisine and make netizens at home and abroad understand Chinese food culture and a unique Chongqing through the fire, smoke, and mouthwatering scents.

Hot pot is a wonderful combination of meat and vegetable, raw and cooked, spicy and sweet, tender-crisp and cotton rotten (Photo/ Chongqing International Communication Center)

Taste of England: Visit overseas restaurants and look for Chongqing’s specialty dishes

The “Taste of England” restaurant visit activity has been initiated on the overseas social media account of the Chongqing International Communication Center. Overseas netizens are invited to look for Chongqing restaurants and Chinese restaurants around them and then post related short videos and food pictures labeled “#TastyChongqing” on Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and other overseas social media. Local British netizens that take part in the above online section will have the opportunity to be invited to attend the “Taste of Chongqing” offline experience section in London.

Spicy chicken is one of the originators of local cuisine in Chongqing (Photo/ Chongqing International Communication Center)

“Taste of England” will also invite two British gourmets popular on social media to visit distinct Chongqing restaurants in Britain to experience the making process of Chongqing signature dishes and taste the final products. They will share their wonderful experiences with their followers via short videos.

Wanzhou Grilled fish is rich in flavor, red in color, crispy in the skin, and tender in the meat, reflecting the enthusiasm of Chongqing people (Photo/ Chongqing International Communication Center)

Taste of Chongqing: Cook and taste Chongqing delicacies

The offline section will be held at a well-known Chongqing restaurant in London on February 2. The cooks of Chongqing signature dishes from the online section will be assembled again to make Chongqing signature dishes on-site, and British citizens and social media icons will be invited to experience and taste the scene.

Fried chili with shredded peanuts, sprouts and various secret condiments forms the soul of Chongqing noodles (Photo/ Chongqing International Communication Center)

The anchors of the Chongqing International Communication Center and popular gourmet bloggers in Chongqing will connect with the British activity scene at Chongqing’s landmark restaurants. The two sides will experience Chongqing’s food culture, taste the same dishes and share the festival blessings.



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