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'Hot Pot Banquet Party' Connects Youths at Home and Abroad

By PING SHU|Jan 11,2023

Chongqing- On January 7, the online and offline hot pot experience activity "Chinese Hot Pot - Spicy Flavors" was held in Shawan Village, Yubei District, Southwest China's Chongqing municipality. The event was held simultaneously in two places. Chinese youths and international students from Russia, Poland, and Turkey at Chongqing University joined with overseas students from Vancouver, Canada, learning how to make Chongqing hot pot online and offline while enjoying the city's most famous spicy cuisine. 

International students and residents enjoy ground hot pot in Yubei District, Chongqing, on January 7, 2023. (Photo/Shu Ping)

A deep understanding of Chongqing hot pot culture

Chongqing hot pot carries the city's features and charm. The feast conveys the enthusiasm and friendliness of locals.

Various activities have been conducted to introduce Chongqing food and hot pot culture to foreign youths. They could experience the whole process of making a hot pot, including picking vegetables, making oil dishes, and making hot pot soup.

International students were picking oranges in the fruit orchard in Shawan Village, Luoyuan Town, Yubei District, on January 7, 2023. (Photo/ Cui Li)

Online and offline "Hot Pot Banquet Party"

The opening ceremony started with traditional Chinese dance and Sichuan opera performances. Then, a ground outdoor hotpot feast for international students and residents was held at the hotpot booths.

At the same time, at Liu Yishou Hot Pot restaurant in Vancouver, Canada, foreign youths followed the restaurant's hot pot master to learn about the production of Chinese hot pot.

International students thumbed up to Chongqing hot pot in Shawan Village, Luoyuan Town, Yubei District, on January 7, 2023. (Photo/Shu Ping)

Chinese youths in Vancouver, Canada, gathering to learn and taste hot pot on January 7, 2023. (Photo/Screenshot of the livestream)

An international student from Russia said he had been in China for five years and was deeply fascinated by Chongqing hot pot. He wishes his friends could come to Chongqing one day to taste the original Chongqing hot pot.

At the overseas branch of the activity, a Thai youth who participated in the event said learning Chongqing hot pot from the master was a perfect experience. Another Kenyan youth said she was delighted to experience Chongqing hot pot and Chinese culture.

A stunning Sichuan Opera performance during the hot pot banquet on January 7, 2023. (Photo/Zhao Guogan)


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