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Chongqing- The Chishui Danxia Tourism Area, located in the northwestern corner of Guizhou Province, has a spectacular canyon tourist trail that boasts 100-meter-high waterfalls, stunning red rock formations, bamboo forests, and rare animal and plant species. On invitation from DiscoverGuizhou, Bridging News and iChongqing reporter James takes a guided tour inside this geological park recognized as a world natural heritage.

Nowadays, the modern transportation network in Southwest China means travelers can take high-speed rail between major cities and reach famous tourist destinations across the province conveniently by road. As Chishui City is around 200 kilometers from Chongqing, many attractions in neighboring regions are closer to the main urban area than some counties within the municipality.

The trail followed on this visit took us from the entrance to the spectacular cliff face and waterfall along picturesque walkways spanning gurgling streams and pools with crystal clear water and paths that hug the red canyon wall. No matter where visitors stand inside the park, they can enjoy the spectacular scenery and pristine environment from trails that appeal to different ages and spirit of advantage.

Buddha Light Rock takes its name from an ancient monk who beheld the cliff faces of Chishui Danxia and witnessed how they shone resplendently as the evening sun caught the red rock formation. No matter what time visitors explore this serene and beautiful canyon, they won’t leave disappointed, as was the experience of iChongqing reporter James in this short video post from Guizhou Province.


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