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Liangping New Year's Shopping Festival Promotes the Capital of Pre-made Food in Western China

By YAN DENG|Jan 12,2023

On January 10, the opening ceremony of the 2023 New Year's shopping festival of the Capital of Pre-made Food in Western China was held in Liangping District, Chongqing, China. 

“Liang Wa” IP image. (Photo/ Du Wenxian)

Liangping's agricultural products, such as rice, pomelo, duck, bamboo, and beans, enjoy a widespread reputation. Liangping has combined these five kinds of specialty foods to form the image of "Liang Wa" (literally Liangping's doll). As the recommendation officer of the Capital of Pre-made Food of Western China, "Liang Wa" will be widely used in all aspects of cultural tourism, industrial development, and urban construction in Liangping.

People promoted Liangping's special cultural tourism products. (Photo/ Du Wenxian)

At the 2023 New Year's shopping festival, consumers can buy New Year's products from all districts and counties in Chongqing. High-quality and reasonably priced products allow consumers to experience one-stop shopping. 

There were lots of people coming to buy New Year's goods. (Photo/ Liangping District)

The New Year's Shopping festival site product exhibition and sales area. (Photo/ Du Wenxian)

The 2023 New Year's shopping festival will last from January 9 to January 19. Liangping has launched preferential activities such as "High-speed train to Liangping for New Year's Shopping" and "High-speed train ticket for equivalent gift package" to attract consumers to buy New Year's goods in Liangping, creating a New Year's festival atmosphere.

Liangping pomelo wine. (Photo/ Du Wenxian)

According to Yin Xianqi, the merchant management manager of Ba Wei Yu Zhen, a public brand for Chongqing's agricultural products, there are also new products debuting in this New Year festival, such as "Tian Fu Cola sparkling water," "Hai Lao Han pre-made seafood products," and so on. "Liangping pomelo," "Liangping pomelo wine," "Zhang duck," and other specialty products are being exhibited and sold in the form of pre-made food. 

Zhang Weili managing the Smart Kitchen, introduced that the Smart Kitchen can make noodles and various types of foods. Fresh vegetables from the garden can be automatically cleaned, peeled, sliced, cooked, and seasoned.

Smart Kitchen. (Photo/ Du Wenxian)

This is the epitome of the industrialization of the Pre-made Food Capital of Western China and a new momentum of joint development to achieve more convenient pre-made food into thousands of households, out of Chongqing, to the whole country and overseas.


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