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Chongqing's GDP growth by more than 6% in 2023丨Government Work Report

By YUTING CHEN|Jan 14,2023

Chongqing - By 2027, Chongqing's GDP will reach four trillion yuan (about USD 594 billion), and the regional GDP per capita will reach 120,000 yuan (about USD 17,808), according to Hu Henghua, Mayor of Chongqing Municipal People's Government, who delivered the government work report at the first session of the Sixth Chongqing Municipal People's Congress opened on January 13.

To provide more than 600,000 new jobs

In the next five years, Chongqing will focus on "six significant improvements", including promoting economic strength, scientific and educational strength, urban comprehensive strength, the level of the construction of ecological civilization, the level of social governance, and people's living standards.

The main expected goals of economic and social development in 2023 involve regional GDP growth by more than 6%, striving to achieve better results; value-added industrial output increases by 8%;  fixed asset investment, retail sales, and total import and export value increased by 10%, 6%, and 3% respectively.

Others involve more than 600,000 new jobs will be created in cities and towns; Urban and rural residents' incomes will grow faster than economic growth; Consumer price increases will be controlled within 3%; Indicators such as food production, energy conservation, emission reduction, and carbon reduction will all complete national tasks.

To strive for a high-level opening-up 

To achieve the expected goals in 2023, Chongqing will strive for a high-level opening up to the world and better integrate into the new dual-circulation development paradigm.

Chongqing will demonstrate the role of the corridor's logistics and operation organization center, and strengthen the connection between the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor(ILSTC) and the China Railway Express, the Yangtze River Golden Waterway, and the international aviation network. 

Also, amplifying the linkage effect of "corridor plus economy and trade plus industry", through layouting international economic and trade cooperation demonstration zones, international commodity trading exhibition centers, and allocating centers and overseas warehouses along the corridor.

Chongqing will deepen cooperation on the China-Singapore(Chongqing) Demonstration Initiative on Strategic Connectivity (CCI), promote pioneering and differentiated exploration in free trade zones, accelerate the construction of high-quality RCEP demonstration zones, and enhance the international trade functions of various parks.

Consolidating the export advantages of computers, mobile phones, and other products, expanding the export of new energy vehicles, smart homes, and other products, and increasing the import scale of advanced technology, important equipment, energy resources and so on. Chongqing will carry out in-depth, comprehensive pilot projects for expanding the opening up of the service industry and pilot projects for innovative development of service trade, and develop digital trade.

Attracting investment and capital, Chongqing should provide convenience for foreign-funded enterprises and foreigners to come to Chongqing, and promote the normalization of economic and trade personnel going overseas to attract investment and capital.

Also, Chongqing will hold forums with high standards, including the Smart China Expo, the Western China International Fair for Investment and Trade, the China-Singapore(Chongqing) Connectivity Initiative Financial Summit, the Sichuan-Chongqing & Mekong Countries Sub-national Cooperation Forum, and the CCI - ILSTC International Cooperation Forum.

Jiangbeizui CBD is the only state-level strategic financial center in central and western China. (Photo / Jiangbei District)

To grasp scientific and technological innovation

In addition, Chongqing will strive to grasp scientific and technological innovation and promote a virtuous circle of science and technology, industry, finance and talents.

Strengthening the deep integration of industry, university and research led by enterprises, through launching the implementation of the "double growth" action plan for high technology expertise and science and technology enterprises, building a future industrial science and technology innovation park, and creating a national comprehensive technology innovation center.

Chongqing will support enterprises, universities, research institutes, and scientific and technological societies to form innovation consortia and build a national demonstration zone for the transfer and transformation of scientific and technological achievements.

Creating a high-performance scientific and technological innovation system requires Chongqing to enhance the construction quality of the Western (Chongqing) Science City, Chongqing Liangjiang Collaborative Innovation Zone, Guangyang Island Smart Innovation Eco-City, and other innovation hubs.

The city will strive for the landing of the Chongqing base of the national laboratory, and accelerate the construction of scientific and technological innovation platforms such as the ultrafast transient experimental facility and the second phase of Jinfeng Laboratory, aiming at basic research in advantageous fields such as applied mathematics, life sciences, and material sciences to improve original innovation capabilities.

Optimizing the ecology of scientific and technological innovation, Chongqing will deepen reforms such as scientific and technological evaluation, incentives, and burden reduction for young scientific research personnel. Overall, to create a strong atmosphere of innovation, entrepreneurship, and creation through marketization and socialization.


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