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Unlock Chongqing Flavor in the 'Exploring Yummy Chongqing in London' Restaurants

By SHIHAN YANG|Jan 18,2023

As one of the important activities for the "Exploring Yummy Chongqing in London" Chongqing Food & Culture Experience, popular gourmets @freshmikeeats and @tranvfood on overseas social platforms will visit three well-known Chongqing restaurants in London on January 16 (local time). They will find Chongqing's signature dishes and share their wonderful experiences with their followers via short videos. What restaurants will they visit, and what distinctive Chongqing dishes will be on camera? Let's present them in advance.

Influencer @freshmikeeats

Influencer @tranvfood

Mr. Meng Chongqing Gourmet: the soul of breakfast in Chongqing

In 2019, Meng Fei, a famous host from Chongqing, opened Mr. Meng Chongqing Gourmet restaurant on Charing Cross Road in London, bringing the delicacies of his hometown to overseas diners. The restaurant offers noodles with meat sauce and thoroughly boiled peas that can be easily mashed. Hot noodles absorb enough condiment at the bottom of a bowl and, with only a little soup, are mixed with the toppings. 

The two gourmets will taste a bowl of Chongqing noodles during the visit. The noodles are compact and spicy, showing the candidness and enthusiasm of the Chongqing people. Its companion is the refreshing brown sugar cold cake. The soft and delicate cold cake is paired with authentic brown sugar. It is like visiting Chongqing in summer, you can unlock more kinds of Chongqing's signature dishes there.

Mr. Meng Chongqing Gourmet in London. (Photo/ Mr. Meng Chongqing Gourmet)

Bar Shu: a journey of food treasure hunt

With a history of 12 years, Bar Shu is a time-honored brand in London. It brings authentic Sichuan cuisine to the UK and makes many westerners fall in love with the Bashu flavor.

The restaurant offers an interesting dish called "Treasure in the chili", a classic homemade dish in Chongqing - spicy chicken. Chili, chicken, sliced green onions, sesame... These treasures make up the famous dish. The crisp, saucy, spicy chicken is so addictive that you always want to find the next piece. The fun of the dish lies not just in enjoying the delicious chicken but also in the pleasant surprise of finding chicken in many chilies. This coincides with the theme of "EXPLORING YUMMY". During the visit, the two guests will start a journey treasure hunt and enjoy the pleasant surprises of Chongqing delicacies.

Authentic Chongqing food served in Bar Shu. (Photo/ Bar Shu restaurant)

Er Mei: authentic hometown dishes

Er Mei is the first Sichuan cuisine restaurant opened in Chinatown, London. The owner and chefs are from Sichuan and Chongqing, ensuring the authenticity of the dishes.

Here, the two bloggers will taste authentic Chongqing boiling fish and chicken hot pot. The fresh fish is sliced and cooked with chili. The attractive aroma bursts out with the crackling sound of hot oil, turning into a spicy, tender and juicy boiling fish.

Er Mei is the first Sichuan cuisine restaurant opened in Chinatown, London. (Photo/ Er Mei restaurant)


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