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Chongqing Rail Transit Opens New Lines with Stilted Buildings' Design


Chongqing- Chongqing Rail Transit Line 9 (PhaseⅡ) and Line 10 (PhaseⅡ, Liyuchi-Houbao) were put into trial operation on January 18 before the Spring Festival in 2023. 

After the opening, they can effectively divert the passenger flow of Line 3, which greatly facilitates citizens' travel.

Chunhua Avenue Station of Chongqing Rail Transit Line 9 (Photo/ Yuan Xuanqi)

Remarkable comprehensive energy-saving effect

Chongqing Rail Transit Line 9 adopts a regenerative energy-absorbing device, which not only ensures the safe driving of trains but also saves electric energy, and the comprehensive energy-saving effect is remarkable.

The stations via the Line 9 adopt green, environmentally friendly, and energy-saving LED lamps for the first time, optimizing the number of normal lighting lamps. The public area embraces an intelligent lighting control system with good energy-saving and environmental protection benefits.

Line 9 also chooses multiple types of fire detection equipment to realize fire detection and alarm in different environments in a timely manner. The system has high reliability and effectively reduces property losses.

Chongqing Rail Transit Line 10 crosses the Yangtze River and the Jialing River and passes through many buildings' underground space. 

To reduce shock and noise, seamless tracks are used throughout the line, and steel springs, shock-absorbing pads, and other shock-absorbing measures are installed in the areas sensitive to vibration and noise, further reducing the surrounding vibration and noise pollution and protecting many cultural relics and old houses in the area. 

The new Chongqing Rail Transit stations on Line 9 adopt intelligent equipment to provide better service. (Photo/ Yuan Xuanqi)

Considering the travel needs of the disabled

Particularly, Huashigou Station of Line 9 adopts the form of stilted buildings, a typical mountainous building in Chongqing. 

The first floor is the platform, and the second floor is the station hall. It integrates the terrain with a height difference of nearly 20m, which is convenient for the passengers to connect to the station. 

As for the People's Auditorium Station on Line 10, the interior decoration design is inspired by Chongqing Auditorium, surrounding schools, and other characteristic buildings. The vast cultural wall of Chongqing People's Auditorium allows passengers to quickly integrate into the cultural atmosphere of Yuzhong District when they arrive at this station.

The station design of Line 10 fully considers the travel needs of the disabled, mothers and infants, and the elderly.

Accessible facilities and equipment are installed in many places, such as accessible elevators, toilets, and air-conditioners. The baby changing room has been added, and the children's washbasin has been introduced to Chongqing Rail Transit to improve the service quality.

Zengjiayan Station on Line 10, the interior decoration design integrates modernity and history. (Photo/ Yuan Xuanqi)

Line 9 (Phase Ⅱ) starts at Xingke Avenue Station and passes through Chunhua Avenue Station, Lan Gui Avenue Station, Central Park East Station, Congyansi Station, and stops at Huashigou Station, connecting Shapingba District, Jiangbei District, Yubei District and other urban commercial and economic centers with the existing parts. 

Line 10 (PhaseⅡ, Liyuchi-Houbao) starts from Liyuchi Station, passes through Zengjiayan Station, People's Auditorium Station, and Qixinggang Station, and ends at Houbao Station. It connects Liangjiang New Area, Yubei District, Jiangbei District, Yuzhong District, and Nan'an District with the existing parts. 

The new display system greatly facilitates the passengers. (Photo/ Yuan Xuanqi)


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