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What to Eat for Chinese New Year's Eve Dinner | Photo Story

By ZHAN CHEN|Jan 25,2023

Chongqing- Among all the festival traditions, the Lunar New Year's Eve dinner, also known as the family reunion dinner, is key to the Spring Festival celebration in China.

Irrespective of the distance, one must travel home to be together with their family for the festivity, and the significance is similar to Christmas Day in the West. 

People from North and South China have different foods on this special occasion; many New Year foods are symbolic.

For example, Chongqing people must eat fish at the Spring Festival eve because the Chinese word for fish is a homophone of the word for surplus. So the phrase "Let there be surpluses every year" sounds the same as"'Let there be fish every year," which is often said when fish is eaten during New Year celebrations.

What are some must-have dishes on the Chinese New Year's Eve dinner table this year? Let's take a look! 

The Lunar New Year's Eve dinner features stewed pig's feet with Chinese chestnut, yam, and corn. (Photo/ Deng Yan)

People usually eat with family at home on Chinese New Year's Eve. (Photo/ Yang Shihan)

People in Southwest China's Chongqing Municipality may choose to have a meal hot pot on New Year's Eve. (Photo/ Chen Yuting)

"Fish" in Chinese tradition symbolizes an abundant and comfortable life. Most families will have fish for their New Year's Eve dinner. (Photo/ Li Fangwang)

Dumpling is a ubiquitous dish in Northern China, symbolizing reunion and fortune. (Photo/ Zhang Gaowei)

People usually return to their hometowns to celebrate the Chinese Lunar New Year with family. (Photo/ Li Xinyi)

Fa Cai, a kind of fungus food, is the specialty of Lanzhou, Gansu Province. (Photo/ Du Min)

The steamed pork slices with glutinous rice flour is a popular Chinese New Year's Eve dinner dish. (Photo/ Kenny Dong)

The dish of Kou Shui Ji, which means steamed chicken with chili sauce, is a classic of Sichuan cuisine. (Photo/ Liu Dan)

Spring rolls are one of the most popular dishes in China, filling various vegetables like carrots and bean sprouts. (Photo/ Chen Zhan)


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