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Chinese City Welcomes New Year with a Grand Light-Drone-Fireworks Performance


Chongqing- On the evening of January 21, Chongqing, a megacity in southwestern China, held a celebration that culminated in a grand party named "New Era, New Journey, New Chongqing," where a large number of people came out to enjoy an unparalleled light-drone-fireworks performance.

As a Chinese tradition, Lunar New Year's Eve is a time to bid farewell to the past year and celebrate the arrival of the New Year with various grand events. 

At 23:20, the Light Art Show started at first. Forty pieces of light artwork created by top artists from 16 countries, including China, Italy, France, and Germany, were presented through 3D Mapping technology. They used digital light as the brush and urban architecture as the paper and painted a colorful scroll with different regional cultures.

Artists from 16 countries presented the Light Art Show through 3D Mapping technology. (Photo/ Wu Yifan)

At 23:28, 3,000 drones rose into the air, and a drone theme show with a width of more than 200 meters and a height of more than 100 meters deputed on the stage. 

The drone matrix transformed three chapters of "Magnificent Landscape," "Driving to Spring," and "The Giant Ship Sails" through the transformation of different color combinations. The scenes, including starry night, local landscape, monorail, "New Era, New Journey, New Chongqing" caption, and ship sailing, were "drawn" by different combinations of drones.

Three thousand drones matrix transformed different colors and views by various combinations. (Photo/ Wu Yifan)

At 23:40, the decorative lights on buildings were lit up, creating a visual feast like a dream through lights, lasers, videos, and music. 

Chongqing is famous for its mountains and rivers, building up a multi-dimensional city landscape with charming night scenes, attracting visitors worldwide to admire its beauty.

Chongqing is famous for its night view, the night tour attracts visitors worldwide, and the New Year's Eve light show created another visual feast. (Photo/ Wu Yifan)

At 23:50, the fireworks show was finally staged. It was divided into three parts: 10 minutes before New Year's Eve, New Year's Eve countdown, and 10 minutes after New Year's Eve, lasting for 20 minutes.

The fireworks bombs were loaded on eight cargo ships on the Yangtze and Jialing rivers, dynamic and colorful, lighting up the sky. The fireworks brought together the city's "mountains, rivers, city, and sky" into one of the most beautiful pictures of the night. 

The fireworks bloomed, the crowds cheered, and the lively scenes made Chongqing people believe that 2023 would be a more prosperous and progressive year.

Fireworks herald Chongqing a year to look forward to in 2023. (Photo/ Wu Yifan)


New Era, New Journey, New Chongqing

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