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Story Behind Chongqing Taxi Driver as an NPC Deputy|Two Sessions


Chongqing - Yin Qilong, a driver for the Second Branch of Chongqing Taxi Co., Ltd, and a deputy to the National People's Congress (NPC) in the transportation industry, has proposed a series of suggestions aimed at enhancing the integration of taxi services and online ride-hailing platforms during the upcoming Two Sessions. As a recognized expert in the field, Yin Qilong's suggestions are expected to significantly impact the industry, benefiting both drivers and passengers alike.

Combining ride-hailing platforms with taxi services

The explosive growth of online ride-hailing services in China has led to significant uncertainty in the traditional taxi market while simultaneously providing unparalleled convenience to the general public.

"Whether online ride-hailing or taxis, they provide essentially transportation services for the people," said Yin." In order to create a fair and just competition environment, it is imperative that the market be appropriately regulated."

Yin has recommended integrating ride-hailing platforms with traditional taxi services, including their operational modes and pricing mechanisms. 

Yin Qilong conversed with his colleague to solicit his opinion, preparing the suggestion for the upcoming Two Sessions. (Photo/Chen Zhan)

He also expressed concern regarding new energy vehicles and discovered that each manufacturer has an independent charging system with different charging piles and switching stations standards. This results in significant resource waste for city construction. Therefore, Yin has proposed adopting standardized charging systems and infrastructure improvements to facilitate charging new energy vehicles.

Soliciting public opinion and speaking out for the people

Having been elected as a new NPC deputy, Yin is both honored and feeling the pressure. "I'm not sure if my suggestions, representing the people's voice, will be accepted, so I need to be careful and considerate about how I offer advice," he stated.

As a grassroots deputy, Yin frequently communicates with colleagues and industry peers to solicit public opinion. He recognizes that transportation is a critical service industry that connects thousands of households.

Yin Qilong's taxi was awarded as the "Lei Feng Taxi" due to his good driving record and dedicated spirit. (Photo/Chen Zhan)

"I have been driving taxis for many years, and I've witnessed the tremendous changes in Chongqing," Yin remarked. His taxi was recognized as the "Lei Feng Taxi" due to his excellent driving record and dedicated spirit.

In China, regardless of their regional, ethnic, or vocational background, deputies must speak for the people and act on their behalf.

China's democratic system will see more individuals like Yin participating as deputies, offering advice and contributing to the legislative process, illuminating the path for the people.


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