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Solicitation of Urban Design for Chongqing's International Commercial Zone

By ZHAN CHEN|Mar 05,2023

Chongqing - The Urban Design Solicitation for the International Commercial Zone of Chongqing Cuntan International New City was launched on March 1st. The goal of this solicitation is to collect creative and practical urban design schemes that can effectively reflect the unique characteristics of Cuntan.

To encourage participation from exceptional international and domestic institutions and to offer suggestions for the overall development of Cuntan International New City, the solicitation has allocated RMB 9 million (about 1.30 million U.S. dollars) for cost input.

Solicitation of Urban Design for International Commercial Zone of Chongqing Cuntan International New City. (Photo/Chongqing Lianglu Cuntan Free Trade Port Area)

The Chongqing Cuntan International Commercial Zone spans approximately one square kilometer and is composed of several areas, including the bonded port area, water port function area, comprehensive supporting area, and others.

The goal of the Zone is to serve as a crucial platform for integrating into the Belt and Road construction and accelerating the development of inland open highlands. To achieve this, the Zone aims to promote coordinated development with the cruise economy in the cruise home port area and the fashion economy in the fashion consumption area.

The project design should consider the current function, traffic, and land use characteristics of the Cuntan District and focus on the development orientation of the International Commercial Zone. The design principle of "people-oriented" should be emphasized, and the concept of green buildings, ecological buildings, and energy-saving buildings should be advocated. The design should also highlight intelligence, humanity, individuality, freedom, and efficiency.

The solicitation process for the project includes three stages: pre-qualification, conceptual design competition phase, and scheme review. The Scheme Review Committee will award 1 first-prize winner, 1 second-prize winner, 3 third-prize winners, and 1 nomination award.

The urban design proposal collection is divided into four sites, covering a total area of approximately 127 hectares. The specific information for each site is as follows:

  • Plot A is situated adjacent to HeBai Road in the east and Haier Road in the south, with a total area of 64.12 hectares.

  • Plot B is situated adjacent to the Chongqing-Yuhuai Railway/Chongqing-Yuli Railway in the north, with a total area of approximately 21.05 hectares.

  • Plot C is situated adjacent to Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway in the south and Hebai Road in the east, covering an area of about 28.70 hectares.

  • Plot D is situated adjacent to Hebai Road in the west and Shanghai-Chongqing Expressway in the south, covering an area of approximately 13.12 hectares.


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