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China's Gigabit City Enforces Local Harbor Operation in Efficiency

By Dai Yuan |Mar 07,2023

Chongqing - China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology lately announced that there are 110 cities up to the construction standard of Gigabit City, and the national-level Liangjiang New Area in Southwest China’s Chongqing Municipality is one of the pioneers.

Infrastructures are the key to the construction of Gigabit City, and the “Dual Gigabit” network, composed of a gigabit optical network and 5G, is driving the development of the digital economy.

Every 10,000 people have 71 5G base stations. 

As statistics show, in Liangjiang New Area, the home network gigabit optical network coverage rate reaches 304.81%; the city 10G-PON port covers 51%; the 5G network accessibility rate of key sites reaches 100%; every 10,000 people have 71 5G base stations.

For the number of users, 42,000 users have possessed the gigabit network, and over 42% for 5G.

Liangjiang New Area is accredited as the “Gigabit City” by China’s Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. (Graphic/Dai Yuan)

In Liangjiang Lijia Smart Park, an autonomous bus running based on the 5G network with a small capacity can park near a street perfectly, without a steering wheel, brake pedal, and accelerator in it.

Departed from the 5G hall of the smart park, the bus smoothly completed the process of parking, passenger boarding, and multi-lane driving. Remarkably, the bus can sense the road situation at the traffic lights and drive away while the green light is on.   

On top of autonomous driving, digitization is proceeding through medical treatment, education, and the city’s management, providing citizens with convenience.

“Liangjiang New Area is making every effort to drive ‘5G+’ into the innovative applications of a number of industries,” said Fan Yu, the director of Liangjiang Industry Promotion Bureau.

Liangjiang New Area has driven digital reform in the manufacturing industry, with a total of 350 intelligent projects, establishing seven pioneering smart manufacturing enterprises and five innovative smart factories in Chongqing.

Autonomous bus on the road. (Photo/Liangjiang Collaborative Innovation Zone)

Digitization makes the harbor operation efficient.

For example, Changan Automobile’s “5G+industrial internet” smart factory, Seres smart factory, and the 5G smart operation harbor for SAIC Hongyan heavy trucks are based on the “Dual Gigabit” to drive smart manufacturing.

In the harbor, the 5G smart heavy truck of SAIC Hongyan is queuing up in line, keeping a close and safe distance. 

The heavy truck can easily identify the situations of traffic lights and doorways and realize the interactive information with the handling facilities at that harbor, precisely carrying out the autonomous loading and transport.

Digitization makes the harbor operation more efficient. Early in 2019, the world’s first 5G+L4 smart truck developed by SAIC Hongyan was implemented, realizing the precise positioning and accurate parking ( ±3cm) within three 15 seconds.

It is certain that in the future, the “Dual Gigabit” will enable more fields and industries, bringing smarter experience in working and living environments.

Seres welding production line. (Photo/Seres)


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