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Chongqing Launches Cross-Straits Industrial Cooperation Zone to Attract Taiwanese Investment

By YAN DENG|Mar 12,2023

ChongqingOn March 9, the Cross-Straits Industrial Cooperation Zone (Chongqing) was launched in Chongqing with the aim of attracting Taiwanese investments and becoming a significant hub for Taiwanese companies in the western region. The initiative also aims to promote innovative trade and economic cooperation between Chongqing and Taiwan.

On March 9, the Cross-Straits Industrial Cooperation Zone (Chongqing) was officially established in Chongqing. (Photo/Deng Yan)

In November 2022, the Chinese government approved the establishment of the Cross-Straits Industrial Cooperation Zone in Chongqing, focusing on developing industries such as electronic information, intelligent manufacturing, biotechnology, and agriculture and food.

The Cross-Straits Industrial Cooperation Zone in Chongqing is a collaboration between the national and regional development strategies and the new trend of Taiwanese business development. It adopts the "one zone and three parks" model and becomes China's sixth Cross-Straits Industrial Cooperation Zone.

The cooperation zone is comprised of three industrial parks, namely, the Chongqing High-tech Zone Industrial Park (including the Xiyong Micro-electronics Park and the Jinfeng Electronic Information Industrial Park), the Fuling District Industrial Park (including the Fuling High-tech Industrial Development Zone), and the Yongchuan District Industrial Park (including the Yongchuan High-tech Industrial Development Zone's Phoenix Lake Industrial Park).

The Chongqing High-tech Zone is an important logistics and operation center hub for the New International Land-Sea Trade Corridor in the western region and a key engine for promoting the construction of the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle. It primarily focuses on attracting Taiwanese electronics and information industries.

The Fuling District serves as a hub that connects the urban area of Chongqing with the cities and towns of the northeast Three Gorges Reservoir Area and the Wuling Mountain Area in the southeast of Chongqing. Its focus is on attracting Taiwanese biotechnology and agriculture, and food industries.

The Yongchuan District serves as a hub node of the Chengdu-Chongqing economic circle and a strategic support point of the main urban area. Its focus is on attracting the Taiwanese intelligent manufacturing industry.

Chen Quan, director of the Chongqing Municipal Taiwan Affairs Office, stated that the zone would fully consider the development dynamics of industries in Taiwan, the trends of industrial transfer, and the investment intentions of Taiwanese businesses. Focusing on the world's top 500 Taiwanese enterprises, Taiwan's top 100 enterprise groups, and industry-leading enterprises, the zone will actively promote Taiwanese enterprise clusters to encourage new development for both the zone and enterprises.

To attract more Taiwanese companies, businessmen, and young people to invest, work, and live in the Cross-Straits Industrial Cooperation Zone (Chongqing), a delegation of 50 people will visit the Chongqing High-tech Zone, Yongchuan District and Fuling District to explore opportunities for cooperation and development.

(Zhang Yulin, an intern, also contributed to the report.)


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