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Designer Landmarks② - International Land Sea Center Attains New Heights for Chongqing


Chongqing - The skyline and architecture of Chongqing rival amongst the most spectacular worldwide, augmented only more extensively by the dramatic view of mighty rivers flowing between mountains and past steep riverbanks running for miles along the built-up shores. 

However, the unsuspecting visitor may be unaware that many iconic structures in this international metropolis saw the deep involvement of British architectural firms in the design stage, who successfully enhanced the construction projects with innovative concepts which incorporate aesthetic value, green features, and the integration of mass transit in order to drive the revitalization of former rustbelt sites.

In this unique five-part video series produced in collaboration with the UK Consulate General in Chongqing, we share the inside story behind some of the most iconic buildings that grace the cityscape and how top British architectural firms played a vital role in their popular and commercial success thanks to their creative designs and pioneering concepts. 

Chongqing Land Sea Center (Chongqing 100)

Chongqing is a mountain city that’s reaching ever greater vertical heights, and the latest new record breaker to the Chongqing skyline is the International Land-Sea Center, which officially topped off at 458 meters high in June 2022.

Once unveiled to the public, the International Land-Sea Center is set to bring world-class brands, offices, hotels, malls, and tourism experiences into the city. In the early planning stage, the services of British architectural firm Arup were engaged as project consultants, who have now refreshed the skyline with original and sustainable design concepts as Chongqing strives for high-quality development.

The local area was originally an old factory district as little as twelve years ago. This is an exciting opportunity for Arup to build their regional profile through redevelopment based on previous successes in major coastal powerhouses like Shanghai.

In addition to the advantages that Arup brought to the International Land-Sea Center in terms of aesthetics, practicality, and sustainability, they also succeeded in convincing city planners to integrate the Hualongqiao Station of CRT Line 9 with the commercial mall by selecting a closer location, which will serve to bring considerable added value as a result.

“Chongqing 100” is set to demonstrate that Chongqing can rub shoulders with first-tier cities like Beijing and Shanghai in terms of famous benchmark skyscrapers, as well as take the lead in the field of sustainable building designs, as evidenced by the Green Star certifications that Arup has obtained for this eye-catching new addition to the Chongqing skyline.


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