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Universities for the Aged Drive a Happier Life for the Elderly

By YUAN DAI|Mar 20,2023

Chongqing - Senior citizen education is an important way to meet the spiritual demands of the elderly. Recently, the new term of the universities for the aged began successively in Chongqing.

China's aging education started early in 1983. Over the past 30 years of development, the number of universities for the aged increased rapidly.

The elderly in the model show class. (Photo/Liangjiang New Area)

According to the China Association of the Universities For The Aged, there are about 76,000 universities and schools for the aged in China, with over 10.8 million students at school by the end of 2019, stretching the comprehensive network to the counties and towns.

At Lijia University for the aged, a signature community university in Chongqing Liangjiang New Area, the elderly totaling over 50 people have vocal music classes. Instructed by the vocal teacher, the elderly students join the chorus repeatedly with full passion. 

"The university escapes me from the feeling of loss after retirement, and I finally have time to learn what I expected to learn when I was young. It restarts my life journey," said Li Xiurong, who retired recently and applied to the university. "I learn English and vocal music. Both courses make me learn a lot, especially English, that I can travel abroad without fear of language barrier, and I can even help my granddaughter finish homework like co-recording an English video," Li added.

The principal of Lijia University for the aged is performing Tai Chi. (Photo/Dai Yuan)

Lijia University for the aged sets seven courses, including dance, model show, vocal music, photography, poetry reading, traditional medicine, health care, and Chinese martial art Tai chi. "Right now, we have over 400 students from 50 to 70 years old. Most students live not far from the university, realizing the 15-minute life circle," said Zhang Changming, the staff of Lijia university for the aged.

As introduced by the principal of Lijia University for the aged Chen Jichun, who is also a member of the Tai Chi class, the community university has provided a good platform in pursuit of further study for the nearby elderly. Next, the university will offer more courses in response to the demands of the elderly.

The aging students join the chorus in vocal music class. (Photo/Dai Yuan)

According to a reform plan of State Council institutions submitted to the national legislature for deliberation this month, China will improve its elderly-care work mechanism to implement the proactive national strategy in response to population aging and to expand the essential elderly-care services to cover all senior citizens.

Driving the aging education into prosperity is a significant benefit for the elderly to spend their golden years in happiness.


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